Best Mages in LoL Wild rift You Should Pick

Best Mages in LoL Wild rift You Should Pick

Mages are the champions who deal magic damage in LoL Wild Rift and are responsible for most DPS damages during fights. Mages are very important in almost every game. If there is no magic damage, the enemy team can build full armor and counter your team.

Top 5 Best LoL Wild Rift Mages List.

1. Brand

The brand is a powerful wild rift mage champion who is known for his insane team fight damage and is known to carry teamfights if the enemy team is grouped up and manages to land his ultimate.

He does more damage the longer he stays in fights due to his passive that burns the enemy team dealing magic damage, which can be painful when he buys liandrys.

The only downside of the brand is his lack of mobility, and he can easily be locked down in teamfights. Therefore, avoid making any mistakes with your positioning.

2. Katarina

Katarina is another best mage in Wild Rift who is strong against the enemy teams with no hard CC or crowd controls. She has insane mobility and can easily one-shot any carry while being very hard to kill.

However, Katarina takes quite some time to learn, but once you understand to use her, she is one of the strongest mages in LoL Wild rift for climbing ranks. If you are using Katarina and are in the hard lane, then look for roams to get free kills and snowball.

3. Orianna

Orianna is a mage that is very annoying to lane against due to her long range and pokes. She can also shield herself, so trading with her is pointless.

Also, she does tons of damage during the mid to late stages of the game once she gets two or three items. Her ultimate is best to win teamfights if she manages to use it on the entire enemy team.

Moreover, she can shield her teammates and even give them a movement speed buff which is super beneficial.

4. Ziggs

Ziggs is known for being a long-ranged mage champ that can deal tons of damage from a safe distance in Wild Rift Fight. He has a very safe kit as all his abilities can let him farm from a safe distance and even poke the enemy team without putting him in any danger.

All of his abilities are skill shots, and if you need to land all your abilities to be beneficial, it might take time to learn him, but once you do, it will be easy to do tons of damage.

5. Ahri

Best Mage Champion in wild Rift

Ahri is a very safe and reliable mage in the mid-lane due to her ultimate, which provides her three dashes. It makes her super hard for the enemy team to catch and kill her.

On top of that, she has insane super fast wave clear, and she can clear the wave effortlessly and roam and give tons of map pressure giving her teammates the lead they need. In the late game, she can easily one-shot anyone with her combo.