LoL Wild Rift Caitlyn: Her Best Build, Spell, Rune, Item, Counter

LoL Wild Rift Caitlyn Champion

Caitlyn is the famous champion in LoL Wild Rift due to her insane long range and damage output. She is also hard to catch and kill due to her dash and traps.

If you are playing Caitlyn, then be sure to sit in the bush while autoing the minions. If she’s in the bush, she can activate her headshot passive twice as fast, which does lots of damage, giving her the best chance to snowball and poke her enemy laner away from the lane.

Caitlyn is known for her range and traps, so use them to get the best result. In the mid to late game, put your traps in bushes so the enemy team can’t see them, and if they step on them, they will face the consequences, which is insane damage.

Also, you can easily zone the enemy jungle away from the objectives by placing them all in a Certain place. If the enemy Jungler wants to steal the Objectives, they have to step on the traps or go another long way which is very annoying to deal with.

Also, Wild Rift Caitlyn Champ ultimate does a decent amount of damage, and she can use it to clean up any fights by killing the low Hp enemy. Moreover, her ultimate has a very long-range, and you know the advantage of this feature. Be sure to be very careful with your traps and third ability as it is the only way that you can protect yourself in teamfights.

All About Caitlyn Champion in LoL Wild Rift

Caitlyn Combo in Wild Rift

Since Caitlyn already deals tons of damage with her headshot passive, you don’t need to use your other abilities much, excluding basic attacks.

Avoid using the third ability randomly as it’s your only form of mobility- only use it when you get targeted and use your traps to create a zone around you that the enemies can’t enter.

Weakness and Counters of Caitlyn

The main weakness of Wild Rift Caitlyn are champions and carry that like to straight be up in your face like vayne and Lucian.

But you can try to reduce this weakness by poking them out in the early game, taking advantage of your range, bush and headshot interaction, and hoping the enemy carry doesn’t get a chance to farm and build items.

Champions that counter Caitlyn in Wild Rift are Lucian, varus, draven, etc.

Caitlyn Best Spells

Caitlyn Best Spells

Flash and heal or flash and barrier are the best spell choices for Caitlyn in Wild Rift. However, you can also go exhaust if the team has more damage.

Best Runes for Caitlyn in Wild Rift

Best Runes for Caitlyn

(i) Conqueror:- It is the best rune for Caitlyn as it provides much more value than any other current runes. However, you can also go fleet footwork for extra healing and movement speed in the lane.

(ii) Gathering Storm:- Since Caitlyn already has a lot of damage, she doesn’t need brutal, so using gathering storm for more late-game damage is very good. If you are Certain you can do something in the early game, pick a brutal rune for Caitlyn.

(iii) Adaptive carapace:- You can either go adaptive carapace or hunter titan. If the enemy team has a lot of stuns, hunter titan is the perfect rune for Caitlyn.

(iv) Sweet Tooth:- Sweetooth is very good for the early game due to the extra healing and gold. However, since sweet tooth got nerfed, you can go mana flow band or hunter genius too.

Best Item build for Caitlyn

Best Item build for Caitlyn in Wild Rift

The first best item of Caitlyn in LoL Wild Rift is infinity edge, as it can double or triple your damage, and secondly, build rapid gunfire so you can make full use of her insane attack range.

Then you finish the item with storm razer is very good to slow the enemy so they can’t run, and finish the item build with morellos and guardian angel. If the enemy team has many assassins, you go stasis enchantment.

The Best skin Caitlyn