How to get free skins in the Wild Rift?

How to get free skins in the Wild Rift?

There are two ways you can get skins currently, so one of them is using real-life money and the others by earning them in-game through different things. But, In this article, you will know all possible ways to unlock free Wild Rift skins, so let us continue to find out what they are.

Skins in LoL Wild Rift do not only change the look but also alter character models, voiceovers, and spell animations as well. These new effects and changes merely depend on how rare the skin is.

Best way to get Free skins in LoL Wild Rift

1. Finishing the new player journey

When you make a new account in wild Rift, you will have to complete the new player missions. But only the new players get this opportunity for a week. After completing the task, they get free skin as a reward.

However, you can choose from a selected few champions, but we aren’t complaining because free skins are always a good thing.

2. Buying the wild pass

Now I know that this isn’t exactly free as you have to buy the wild pass, but it’s still technically a free method as you get many rewards, including Free skins from buying a Wild pass.

But you have to complete the missions that give you different rewards and finally skin. You can’t choose what skin you want, and it’s only hextech themed skins for a selected few Wild Rift champions.

Therefore, purchase the Wild Pass, play the game, and unlock the skin.

3. Poro skin random chest

Another way of getting free skin is by opening the poro chest. The chest takes 5000 poro energy to unlock, and it gives you a random skin of any rarity.

You can get poro energy by spending poro coins in the store for buying emotes or different poses of champions. Once it fills to 5000 poro energy, you can press on it and obtain any skin for free in Wild Rift.

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