Zeri Wild Rift Build Guide: Best Runes, Items, Spells Counters

Zeri Wild Rift Build Guide: Best Runes, Items, Counters

In this article, you will find the best build of Zeri in LoL Wild Rift, which includes her runes, items, spells counter, combo, skin and weakness. So, let us continue.

Wild Rift Zeri

Zeri is a newly released adc Champion in LoL Wild Rift that is played as an adc and provides a unique playstyle to other traditional adc. She is the first champion who can aim her auto attacks, allowing her to auto spell although there are no targets in front of her. It means Zeri can land autos on targets with invisibility and even attack targets hiding in bushes without wards. 

If we talk about the Zeri playstyle, she is relatively easy to play if you understand her autos. Think of it this way– her autos works and functions like graves; meaning it can be blocked by targets who are standing in the way of your intended target.

Talking about the best combo of Zeri in Wild Rift: Second Ability+Third Ability+First Ability+Ultimate

Zeri should always start her combo with his second ability, which can have increased range if shot over terrain similar to his third ability of Zoe. Your enemy will become slow after enemies get hit by your second ability. Now, you follow this up with your third ability, which allows you to dash over walls. Then use your first ability that slows enemies and then your ultimate finally. The ultimate of Zeri in Wild Rift does aoe damage around targets around you, which marks them and allows you to dish out autos which will travel to all the targets marked by your ultimate.

So, after understanding the combo and playstyle, you can master Zeri to get the best result in the battle.

Zeri Best Spells in Wild Rift

Zeri best spells in Wild rift

Wild Rift Zeri Counters 

One of the weaknesses of Zeri is her early game, as she is very item reliant. Zeri can not do much in her initial game till she has 2 -3 items, but after that, she fully shines and carry the game.

Early adc champs that punish Zeri in the early game can counter her. Therefore, Zeri is weak against the Wild Rift Champions such as Draven, Vayne etc. Zeri is strong against any champions with no mobility that can catch her. So, Zeri can counter Sett, Garen and other champs without mobility in Wild Rift.

Best Items to Build Zeri in Wild Rift

  1. Stormrazor
  2. Infinity Edge
  3. Boots of The Swiftness with QSS Enchant
  4. Bloodthirster
  5. Lord Dominik’s regards
  6. Guardian Angel
Zeri best item to build
(i) Stormrazor 

Stormrazor, as your first item, is highly recommended on zeri build as it grants you extra bonus damage when the passive of this item is stacked and also grants you slow on your autos.

(ii) Infinity edge 

Picking the Rushing infinity edge item is not a bad idea to build Zeri as she has relatively low base attack damage compared to other adcs and relies on attack speed. So having more extra DMG and crict damage tremendously boosts the performance of Zeri in Wild Rift.

(iii) Boots of the swiftness with QSS Enchant

Since Zeri is known for zooming around the map with her movement speed, having boots of swiftness item grants her the most movement speed. Also, having this best item on Zeri helps you remove stuns and crowd control if you get caught. 

(iv) Bloodthirster 

Bloodthirster item is a good choice on zeri for the lifesteal as well as crict and bonus shield.

(v) Lord Dominik’s regards

This item provides Zeri with additional penetration and 100% attack speed for 1 sec if you have not attacked any enemy champion in the last 5 seconds. It also gives crict chance, which helps with infinity edge. 

(vi) Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel completes the build of Zeri making her best when the outcome of the entire game depends on teamfights. This item grants you an extra life which can really come in the clutch.

Best Runes of Zeri in Wild Rift

  1. Lethal Tempo
  2. Ravenous Hunter
  3. Infinity Orb
  4. Sweet Tooth
zeri best runes in wild rift
(i) Lethal Tempo 

Zeri becomes swift with Lethal Tempo, the best rune for her build in Wild Rift. You can also go conqueror, but the lethal Tempo is the better rune for Zeri.

(ii) Ravenous Hunter 

Another good rune of Zeri, Ravenous Hunter, provides you with the extra life steal and spell camp the more takedowns you get. However, you can also go gathering storm if you want the late-game damage from Zeri.

(iii) Infinity orb 

Whenever you are in low health, having an infinity orb will grant you an extra shield but be sure to go Hunter titan if the enemy team has lots of stuns and crowd control for the tenacity.

(iv) Sweet tooth

Going sweet tooth rune allows Zeri to have more sustain in lane and get more gold, which makes it easier to play the early game.

Wild Rift Zeri Skin 

Project zeri is the best skin for Zeri in Wild Rift due to the animation and different game effects, and you can buy it for 1350 wild cores from the shop.