Fiora in LOL Wild Rift: Her Best Build, Counter, Spell, Rune, Items

Fiora in LOL Wild Rift: Her Best Build, Counter, Spell, Rune, Items

If you want a champion to bully almost every match-up in LoL Wild Rift baron lane while being able to 1vs9 almost every game once fed, then Fiora is the perfect pick.

Fiora has everything you could want from a baron laner like sustain, movement speed, damage, split push potential, and range poke.

She is a bit hard to play with and requires time and patience to get good at her. However, once you learn her, you can dominate the game effortlessly. If we see Tank champions, they are weak against Fiora as she does maximum current health damage.

How to Play Fiora in Wild Rift?

While playing firoa, use your passive every chance to get healing, movement speed, and free poke. Since fiora has a very short cooldown on her passive, you can easily poke the enemy laners frequently, making you automatically win lane.

Fiora is very slippery to catch and a strong turret pusher; she can melt your tower when left alone in the lane, even for a few seconds.

You can use this to your advantage to get free tower plating gold getting yourself more ahead. In the last stage, your job is to dash into their backline and kill their backline Carrys.

All About LoL Wild Rift Champion Fiora

#1. Fiora Combo in Wild Rift

Fioras combo is pretty straightforward. You dash into the enemy on their location for healing, extra damage, and mobility. Then use your second ability if you know the enemy team is ready to stun you so you can reverse them and use your third ability for crit damage.

You can also use Fiora ultimate first and then do the above combo hitting all sides of enemy vitals, so you get free healing and do more damage.

#2. Weaknesses and Counter of Fiora

Fiora has tons of mobility and is hard to catch and kill, so one of her main counters is lockdown stuns and crowd control. If you want to kill Fiora in Wild Rift, you have to take champions that can lock her down and stop her from dashing around while killing your entire team.

Also, another weakness of Fiora in Wild Rift is champions who themselves have lots of mobility, so graves, Lee sin is her counters.

Finally, the most well-known flaw of fiora is reduced healing as she has tons of healing, and getting grievous wounds will reduce a lot of her strength.

#3. Fiora’s Best Spells in Wild Rift

Fiora's Best Spells in Wild Rift

It is always best to pick ignite and flash spells for the best build of Fiora in LoL Wild Rift. However, if your team already has more than 2 ignites, you can take barrier instead and make those clutch close-to-death plays.

#4. Best Build Items of Fiora

 Best Build Items of Fiora

The best core item for Fiora’s build in Wild Rift is trinity force as it provides you with everything like movement speed, health, and attack speed. Also, fiora works really well with Sheen.

The second perfect item of Fiora is steraks gage as this item gives you tons of health and a shield. Follow this up with a blade of the ruined king for faster attack speed, life steal, and pushing towers.

You should get boots upgraded to teleport so you can push and teleport to teamfights if your teammates need you. Fiora’s last two items are always guardian angel and death dance.

#5. Fiora’s Best Runes

Fiora's Best Runes

Conqueror is the best rune of Fiora in Wild Rift, and the second rune will be brutal for the extra damage for the early game, followed by adaptive carapace and honey fruit.