LoL Wild Rift Fizz: Best Spells, Runes, Items, Counter, Build

LoL Wild Rift Fizz: Best Spells, Runes, Items, Counter, Build

Fizz is a very popular assassin mage in LoL Wild Rift who is suitable in the mid-lane. He is known for doing tons of damage while being slippery and hard to kill.

However, unlike other mid-lane champions, fizz is hard to play and learn as all his abilities require timing and proper utilization. Also, fizz is very weak in the early stages of the game, and he will get bullied by almost every mid-lane champion.

Unlike other mid-lane champions that deal damage from afar from a safe distance, Fizz deals damage by throwing his whole body into the enemy team and getting straight up to their face to do tons of damage. By tons of damage, I mean he will one-shot anyone once he has 2-3 Full items in Wild Rift.

LoL Wild Rift Build: All About Fizz Champion

Fizz Combo

As previously mentioned, Fizz is a champion that deals damage by going straight into the enemy team. So his combo is first using his ultimate.

Use your ultimate from a max range as your ultimate does more damage the further the enemy team is. However, it is hard to land his ultimate, and you’ll see even fizz one-trick players missing his ultimate.

When your ultimate hit on the desired enemy champion, use your third ability to close the gap. Then finish the enemy with your second and first ability.

Usually, this combo is more than enough for Fizz to kill any enemy champion in Wild Rift.

Fizz counters

Since fizz deals damage by going in, his biggest weakness is unable to one-shot the enemy team. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing to want one shot.

The counter of fizz in LoL Wild Rift is those champions who can dodge his ultimate such as Zed, Evelynn, and xayah. Finally, the biggest weakness of fizz is his early game, as he doesn’t have any ability that can let him farm safely from a far distance.

Moreover, Fizz is a melee champion in Wild Rift, so he’ll be useless until he gets to level 5 and unlocks his ultimate.

Best Spells of Fizz in Wild Rift

Best Spells of Fizz

Since fizz is a burst mage, taking flash and Ignite spells is the best choice for his build in WR. However, you can also swap your ignite with exhaust or barrier if you are up against a burst champion like Zed for extra durability.

Best Runes of Fizz

Best Runes of Fizz

Electrocute is one of the best runes for fizz in Wild Rift as it allows him to one-shot any enemy champion.

Follow it up by brutual for extra ability power and hunter titan rune as fizz can get stunned and killed and followed by either mana flow band or hunter genius.

Best Items Build of Fizz

Best Items Build of Fizz

The lich bane is the first best item for the Fizz Build in LOL Wild Rift. After that, you use morellos for anti-healing and follow it up with stasis enchantment and Deathcap items, followed by void staff and banshees, which will let you one-shot anyone on the enemy team.