How to get more blue motes in Wild Rift?

How to get more blue motes in Wild Rift?

Blue mote is a kind of currency that you use in LoL Wild rift to buy champions. In your favorite game Wild Rift, You can obtain these blue motes in different ways, and we will discuss all the possible ways in this article. So, let us continue.

Best ways to earn Blue Motes in Wild Rift

1. By playing games

It doesn’t matter what mode you play in Lol Wild Rift, but as long as you play them, you will get free motes after every game except for custom. But, only the difference is- you will make more motes if you win and lesser if you lose.

Also, you can increase the number of Blue Mote by playing better than all of your teammates in the match.

2. Completing the tutorials

When you make a new account in Lol Wild Rift, you will get tutorials that you should complete, and in return, you will earn a lot of blue motes and other rewards. So be sure not to skip the tutorials thinking it’s useless as it isn’t, and get those free motes.

3. Daily mission

Another quick way of earning blue motes is completing the daily missions that refresh every day. Once you do all those missions, the progress will add up, and you’ll be able to collect blue motes, which is always a good thing. Therefore, be sure to complete those daily missions in the game every day.

4. Team boosts and motes boost

If you use team boost to increase the XP and blue motes, and if you win the game by 10% for your entire team, then the mote earning will increase by 100%.

Keep in mind these boosts only work if you win the game, so you have to win anyhow. Therefore, pick the best hero and teammate to lead the game to victory.

5. Leveling up

Increasing the game level is also the best way to farm free blue motes in Lol Wild Rift. If you level up, you will obtain a certain amount of Mote as a reward, and the higher level you go, the more you will earn. So, keep playing and try to level up as fast as possible.

6. Participating in new events.

There is always a new event that happens in wildrift. Every new event is unique from the previous ones, and they are like daily missions where you have to do certain things in-game.

It’s always fun to be a part of these events as they sometimes have a story or something exciting that makes you forget that you are taking part in missions. So always be on the lookout for new events to obtain free motes in Wildrift, including other rewards.

7. By being in a guild

Being in a guild has many advantages, and one of those benefits happens to be getting free motes.

You can earn easy blue motes from guilds by playing guild wars and contributing to the guild by doing missions. So if you ever thought joining a guild was useless and pointless, then now is your time to reconsider and join one yourself solely for making blue motes.

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