Best junglers in Dota 2- Top 10 Best Heroes for Jungle

Best junglers in Dota 2- Top 10 Best Heroes for Jungle

Yes, there are Junglers in Dota 2, and there are multiple jungle camps all across the map, where neutral creeps spawn every minute. Due to the ability, some heroes jungle earlier and faster than other heroes. So, in this article, I will list out Best Dota 2 Jungler heroes who perform best while jungling.

Top 10 Best Dota 2 Junglers

1. Blood seeker

Blood seeker has a good movement speed and attack speed in the early stage. He possesses abilities that give him health upon killing an enemy unit and an aoe damage spell that can kill lower-level neutral creeps.

So, the Blood seeker can jungle efficiently from level 4, and he is also the best hero for jungling the ancient creeps when he is around level 6.

2. Wraith king

Wraith King’s ability (vamparic aura) steals his health whenever he attacks the enemy unit. It can also be activated to summon uncontrollable skeletons that will assist you while jungling in Dota 2. Wraith King can face early mana problems, as he has a low mana pool and regeneration. So to sustain as a wraith king, be sure to buy some clarity or mangos.

3. Legion commander

Legion commander has been a hardcore jungler since Dota 1. She has been nerfed many times, and many items such as Iron Talon were removed from the game because of her. But she is still a very good jungler in Dota 2 as she has various abilities such as Moment of courage that help her sustain herself in the early game.

4. Nature prophet

Best jungler in Dota 2

With his creep spawning ability, the Dota 2 hero Nature prophet can jungle since level 1. Also, with his ability to teleport, he can go back to the base for quick health and mana regeneration. Getting aoe aura items such as Vladimir’s offering, Mechanism will make you and your spawned creeps stronger.

5. Life stealer

Life stealer, the name suggests- steals life from others. He also gains attack speed and slows enemy units when attacking. Getting early items such as treads and hands of Midas will help Greatly Life Stealer while jungling. After level 5, the Life stealer can jungle the ancient creeps, so he is the best hero for jungling in Dota 2.

6. Enigma

Best jungler in Dota 2: Pick this hero for the Jungle: Enigma

Enigma possesses the ability that allows him to turn a foe or enemy unit into controllable spawns. The spawns spawn more spawn after they reach a certain number of attacks. Enigma is on the list of Dota 2 best Junglers because Using this hero can farm up to 2 jungle camps at once.

However, you will face early mana problems, so be sure to buy a bunch of clarity or make items such as a soul ring.

7. Lycan

Lycan: Best jungler hero in Dota 2

Lycan is another Powerful Jungler hero in Dota 2 as he summons wolves and has an aoe aura power that buffs everyone around him. He also reduces the enemy’s attack damage and their armor.

He can also go for items such as the helm of the dominator that will allow him to control the enemy unit. Lycan can face early mana regeneration and mana problems, so be sure to buy some early mangos and clarity.

8. Axe

Axe only needs some early health regeneration to clear jungle camps in Dota 2. His passive ability is counter helix which gets activated when enemy units attack him. You can make the most out of this hero by farming in stacked jungle camps.

Rushing a vanguard that provides him with health, health regeneration, and the chance to block certain incoming damage is often a good choice for Axe.

9. Anti-mage

Although anti-mage cannot jungle early like other junglers mentioned in the list, he is a strong jungler hero in the mid-stage of Dota 2 due to his fast attack speed and right clicker build.

Anti-mage can blink between camps making his farm faster. Anti-mage can also start jungling without getting battle furry but getting early items such as treads and bracer.

10. Lone Druid

Lone Druid Dota 2

This list wouldn’t be complete without Lone Druid. Lone Druid can store up to 12 items using his bear. In the early stage, he can tank some damage using his bear and go for items like Vlad that will benefit him and the bear. Lone Druid can make a new bear when his bear tanks after his bear complete tanking damage from the jungle creeps.

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