How to draft in Dota 2 for dominating the battle?

How to draft in Dota 2 for dominating the battle?

In this article, you will get t tips on how to draft and become a better drafter to win the Dota 2 battle effortlessly.

It is important because it matters a lot which hero you pick when drafting, so you have a higher chance of winning the match.

There are a lot of heroes in Dota 2 with different skills and abilities, but not every hero is good in every game. So, you have to change heroes while picking them according to the situation and opponents’ pick. This picking and banning of heroes before a match begins in Dota 2 is called drafting.

How to draft in Dota 2: Things to know while picking heros

1) Let one person draft

Don’t fight with your teammates while drafting. Let the most pro player in the team draft all the heroes.

If you draft individually, it can ruin the hero composition. Also, this happens, you might pick heroes, which are not compatible with each other.

2) Learn counters and recounters of heroes

All the heroes are good in the right hands, and some have Powerful abilities, but anyone can counter them with some effort.

So, try to learn which hero is the counter of other heroes in Dota 2. If you counter the enemy heroes, this will increase your chance of winning the match for sure.

3) Learn what type of synergy counters other types

There are tons of different types of synergy in Dota 2. Every team likes to go with their synergy. So, along with heroes, you should learn what type of synergy you need to counter enemies synergy to draft better in Dota 2.

Here are some examples:
(i) Ganking and pick-off lineup are countered by Teamfight lineup.
(ii) Teamfight lineup is countered by split push lineup.
(iii) Split push lineup is countered by Ganking and map control lineup.

4) Learn which heroes to ban in Dota 2

Of course, you can counter heroes, but sometimes some heroes are too powerful. Some of them are even game-breaking. So, to deal with these heroes, you can simply ban them.

You can also ban the heroes which counter your heroes so that you won’t have a hard time in the game.

5) Take advantage of the meta

Buffs and nerfs for heroes are always coming with each patch which happens often. During those patches, some heroes become Stronger, and some become weaker.

Make sure to read those Dota 2 Patches and see which heroes have become Powerful, and pick those stronger heroes.

So, try to take as much advantage of the meta by selecting heroes, who are the most popular.


These are the guides for a better draft in Dota 2, but sometimes, some synergy and strategy fail in the game.

So, try to adjust your draftings according to the situation. It comes with time and dedication.