How to make an XP farm in Minecraft using Spider spawner?

How to make an XP farm in Minecraft using Spider spawner?

How to use spiders spawner to build XP farm in Minecraft? What materials are required to make the EXP farm in the game? You will know all about it in detail.

Experience or EXP is a way to determine the level and skills of the player. Many games have an experience system, and gaining experience unlocks new things and gives unique attributes to the characters.

Similarly, In Minecraft, XP\Exp is used for getting enchantments. XP helps to repair your tools with mending. Also, you can use XP to enchant your tools or armor and rename your items in Minecraft.

How to get XP in Minecraft?

The best ways to get XP in Minecraft are mining coal blocks, breeding animals, killing mobs, smelting ores, fishing, and many more, but the most efficient and fast way to get XP is to build an exp farm. This time we will make a spider exp farm because it is easy to create, and you will get a lot of Exp effortlessly.

How to make a spider spawner XP farm in Minecraft

The materials required to build a spider XP farm in Minecraft are 32 temporary blocks, 18 Fence gates, 18 stone slabs, 16 torches, 5 fences, 3 Iron trapdoors, 3 signs, 3 chests, 3 hoppers, 3 stone walls, and 5 water buckets.

After collecting all the resources, follow these steps:

(Step 1)

Firstly, you have to find a spider spawner. You can find the spawner on deep caves and mineshafts in Minecraft. Make sure to light the spawner with torches from all sides.

Spider spawner in Minecraft
(Step 2)

Now make a 999 room around the spawner. Make the ceiling 5 blocks high from the spawner, and dig the 3 Block layers below.

Second step to make an XP farm in Minecraft using Spider spawner
(Step 3)

Pour 2 buckets of water at the corner of the room, then mine the blocks that don’t touch the water.

(Step 4)

Except for the one block in the middle, mine out the outer 4 blocks to enable the water to flow down.

Forth step to build an XP farm in Minecraft
(Step 5)

Make a 3*2 room in the middle opposite to the corner you placed water into just where the water is flowing. On the second block entering the tunnel, place down three signboards. You can place signboards side by side by holding a crouch. Then dig the tunnel a little deeper.

(Step 6)

Put a fence on the spawner up until the ceiling so that spiders don’t stick to it.

(Step 7)

Then make a little room for yourself at the end. Make the room 1 block down, then place three cobblestone walls.

Seventh step to create xp farm in Minecraft
(Step 8)

Skip one block row and place 3 chests and connect them to three hoppers in front of them. (like in the picture). Then place three slabs above the hopper holding crouch.

Eighth step to make an XP farm in Minecraft using Spider spawner
(Step 9)

Pour 3 buckets of water from the back of the three signboards. Then cover the whole tunnel in slabs from the top to the hopper. (Put one slab on the ceiling and one below it and do it for all the others).

(Step 10)

Place three stone blocks above the three chests and put iron trapdoors below them. Then make a small passage to the main room on the right and take all the torches out. As soon as you remove all the torches, the room becomes dark, and the spiders will spawn there. Hurry to the passage and block it, then you can sit in position and start killing.

Final step to make an XP farm in Minecraft using spawner

Finally, you have to build a Spider spawner XP farm, and now you can kill the spiders to collect unlimited experience points in Minecraft.

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