How can you make a wheat farm in Minecraft? All about wheat

Photo of wheat farm in Minecraft

Wheat is the most necessary crop in Minecraft, and you can make your farm produce sufficient wheat to get many benefits- we will discuss this topic.

What is the use of wheat in Minecraft?

You can use wheat for making bread for food. Also, you can use bread for breeding your villagers and making them happy.

Also, by using wheat, you can attract, subdue and breed the animals like cows, sheep. Furthermore, you can tame the parrot and chickens with the help of wheat seeds.

Moreover, you can craft hay bale by the use of wheat. Hay bale works as an ingredient for crafting other items in Minecraft.

How to make a wheat farm in Minecraft?

The main resources required for starting wheat farming in Minecraft are wheat seeds, Hoe, water, bonemeal(Optional).

Step 1

Any farming starts from the seed. So, firstly collect wheat seeds. To get wheat seeds cut tall grasses that are available everywhere.

How can you make a wheat farm in Minecraft?
Step 2

Select the best plain area for wheat farming near your house\village and make a ditch by removing dirt using a shovel. (Also, you can use a pickaxe, hoe anything, but Shovel works faster for gravel and dirt)

If you want to make a large farm, make more ditches by maintaining some distance from each other.

Step 3

After that, fill the water on the ditches. Make buckets, carry water from the lakes and rivers, and pour it in the ditches.

Step 4

Now, remove the grass or soil over the dirt blocks to make the land cultivatable using a hoe. And wait until the area gets hydrated. (You can use any hoe- diamond, wooden, iron, stone.)

Step 5

Finally, plant the wheat seeds over the hydrated land.

How can you make a wheat farm in Minecraft?

There, the farm is ready in Minecraft And after 2-3 days, the wheat will become ready for harvest. When the wheat plants turn white from green, it means you can harvest.

How can you make a wheat farm in Minecraft?

But if you want wheat immediately for some purpose, you can use bone meal to grow them in second.

And, You can make bonemeal from the bones that you get by killing the skeleton mobs and works as a fertilizer for the crops in Minecraft.


  • How to make bonemeal in Minecraft?

To craft the bone meal, open your crafting table and place a bone in the box- You will get three bonemeal ready for use.

Bone meal
  • How to make bread in Minecraft?

Open your crafting table and place 3 wheat in a row to make a piece of bread. Either you can consume these loaves of bread or feed them to villagers.

  • How to craft hay bale in Minecraft?

Open your crafting table and fill up all the boxes with wheat to make a hay bale.


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