Ipad view Pubg mobile: All about 3rd and 1st person perspective camera

Ipad view Pubg mobile: All about 3rd and 1st person perspective camera

In update 1.5, the Pubg mobile game brought many new features, rewards, settings, and systems to increase gaming fun. Among all updates, here we will discuss the 3rd and 1st person camera view on Ipad view in Pubg mobile.

Have you noticed one thing? The Ipad users can capture a wide view of the gameplay screen, but the android user can see fix view.

And you know I pad view is best for spot enemies on the battleground island.

So, the Pubg mobile comes up with good news for the android user on this latest update. They can also use I pad view for a person perspective camera view.

Before we start, let’s know- what is 1st person and 3rd person perspective camera view on Pubg mobile?

1st person perspective camera is all about FPP view on which you can’t see your character, but you can use the eye button for the backside.

3rd person perspective camera is all about TPP on which you can see the view with character. Also, you can use the eye button for all sides.

I hope you understood.

Android Vs Ipad view, which is best?

pad view Pubg mobile

The Ipad view is the best option to increase the gaming experience because you can capture full view while playing.

So, the game has given all Pubg mobile players to try a new setting. So, try it and feel the difference.

Steps to make Ipad view for FPP and TPP in Pubg mobile

  1. Go to setting
  2. Go to the ‘basic’ option and scroll down.
  3. For FPP, make 1st person perspective view 103%. And for TPP, make 3rd person perspective 90%.

But if you feel uncomfortable with the above setting, you can customize yourself.

But if you play Pubg mobile on android, then 90% and 103% are the best to view to get a feeling of Ipad gameplay.

(Note:) By making Ipad view, your sensitivity will become a bit delayed.

So you can increase the percentage of each sensitivity option from the setting.

And after you customize the setting for Ipad view, play some matches on TDM, Cheerpark, training ground to know how it works for you.

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