What is the best sensitivity setting for a pro player of PUBG mobile?

What is the best sensitivity setting for a pro player of PUBG mobile

As you know, nowadays, PUBG players are using a smooth sensitivity setting to be pro players.

The competition has surged to become a better player than others. And some skilled and professional players also don’t long last in the battleground even though they have high-end mobile and high internet ping.

Due to the lack of the best sensitivity setting that makes the control smooth, they lose with a noob.

Therefore, I’m going to give some special setting tips to make your sensitivity setting better, so that you could play like a pro PUBG player.

Use four fingers!

Use four fingers while play pubg mobile
Use four fingers while play pubg mobile

It is not about your device setting but your habit of using your finger while playing.

The most player uses three or, two-finger, but using four fingers is the best way to control the hero professionally.

For the first time, it will be hard for you to set your fingers. But if you practice it for a week, then you can become a master of control.

Gradually, you will begin to play like a professional player. Therefore, your first task is to set your four fingers(both index and thumb fingers) while playing PUBG.

This is the best sensitivity setting to become a pro player of the PUBG mobile

  • Camera (Freelook) setting
  • Camera setting
  • ADS setting
  • Camera Gyroscope
  • Gyro ADS scope

Now, it’s time to set up your sensitivity setting of pro player in pubg mobile. Because the most important thing to become a professional player is the best sensitivity.

I have shown the best control setting for a better experience. So, you can apply.

1. Camera (Freelook) setting:

The best free-look sensitivity setting makes your control smooth. It controls your character, vehicle, and parachute.

3rd person 120%
1st person 120%

2. Camera setting

The camera setting affects the sensitivity of your camera when you swipe without firing the gun. It is the sensitivity response when you move your screen in the battleground.

3rd person150%
Red dot80%
3X scope28%
6X scope10%
1st person150%
2X scope36%
4X scope16%
8X scope10%

3. ADS setting

ADS affects the sensitivity of the camera when you swipe your screen or, fire a gun. Also, it keeps your barrel down. So, the more your screen shake while firing, the more you will lose control of your enemy. It is the best ADS setting for you to play PUBG like a pro player.

3rd person120%
Red dot60%
3X scope33%
6X scope10%
1st person125%
2X scope36%
4X scope22%
8X scope10%

3. Gyroscope

It is another significant setting. The gyroscope controls the recoil so that you can control the camera tilt to get a better gaming experience.

Here is the best camera gyroscope sensitivity setting for the Pubg mobile

3rd person310%
Red dot400%
3X scope275%
6X scope380%
1st person310%
2X scope400%
4X scope195%
8X scope50%

4. Gyro ADS scope

When the gyroscope is activated, the sensitivity of tilt camera controls while firing can be adjusted.

Here is the pro-Gyro ADS scope sensitivity:

3rd person290%
Red dot380%
3X scope260%
6X scope350%
1st person290%
2X scope380%
4X scope170%
8X scope50%


Those are the best sensitivity setting collection to be the pro player of PUBG. If you use those sensitivity settings for you then, I am sure nobody can survive in front of you in the battleground. You will be able to kill your enemies without losing your control.


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