How to get M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile with a high chance?

How to get M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile

Every PUBG mobile player wants to win M416 glacier skin. But most of the time they get silver fragments and unknown stickers.

So, the player uses various kinds of applications and VPNs, to get a favorite weapon(M416 glacier skin); although they can’t unlock it.

So, I will help you to increase your chance to unlock glacier skin without any other application.

Why M416 glacier gun is a unique weapon?

M416 glacier is a powerful gun that is upgraded, by using material and paint.

It’s a special and unique weapon because the player gets a kill message, a hit effect, and a unique kind of loot box.

How to increase the chance to receive M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile? Tips

The player doesn’t get this weapon by opening hundreds of crates.

But I upgraded the M416 glacier in Pubg mobile by level two because I unlocked skin two times continuously by using some tips and tricks.

I get M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile for two times
I get it two times

So, these are the tips by which you can also increase the 50 percent chance of getting M416 glacier skin.


Use a simple avatar for a while

Don’t use a colorful and stylish avatar; keep it simple while you open the crate.

Many players use the shining avatar, but it reduces the chance of getting your favorite M416 glacier skin.

Tips 2. REMOVE

Remove your outfit and gun skin before opening crates. It will help you to get it in high chance.

unlock M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile
Remove the outfit before opening crates


If you have a crate, then you should open them at the midnight or, in the morning time. Because at that time most players go offline.


Let it drop, don’t skip.

Most of the player opens their crate all at once. As a result, they miss the opportunity of getting M416 glacier skin.

So, the best idea is to open the crate one by one. Don’t skip the crate, wait for them to drop in the ground;

Tips 5. TAP 2-4 TIMES

get M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile
Don’t tap many times

It is the last but effective way to increase the chance to receive M416 glacier skin in Pubg mobile for free.

Most of the player tips on the glacier skin more than ten times, but it is not a proper way to get it. You must tap on it less than four or three times; your chance will raise.


If you use these tips, then you can raise your chance of getting the skin to upgrade your favorite gun.

Keep trying, but don’t forget to follow the tips that I mentioned in this short blog.

I am also a PUBGM player, and it’s my own experience.


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