UC station event in Pubg mobile\BGMI: Get bonus UC

UC station event in Pubg mobile\BGMI: Get bonus UC

Do you know about the UC station event on pubg mobile\BGMI? It is a Christmas offer where players can purchase more UC by spending comparatively less money.

You know, UC is the most precious currency in the game that you can use to buy mythic, legendary, and rare items. Also, you can use UC to upgrade the skins in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

What are the best uses of UC in pubg mobile\BGMI?

Whenever the Pubg mobile brings a new X-SUIT event, players need UC and sliver for the spin to unlock prizes. You know the spin price is comparatively low than buying the items from the store after and before the event.

Lucky spin in Pubg mobile

Similarly, you have to spend much UC to get the materials and upgradable gun skins from luck royale.

Furthermore, if you want to unlock some seasonal rewards, it is compulsory to upgrade Elitepass. But to become a premium player, you have to buy a royale pass using UC.

Finally, other uses of UC in the game are- you can buy room cards, ID cards, popularities.

So, don’t you think it is necessary to have UC? But if you purchase them on normal days, they are expensive. However, this UC station is the best offer to buy UC at a low cost.

UC station event in pubg mobile/BGMI

The UC station is an occasional event that Pubgm/bgmi brings in special times like festivals and the new season, and it long lasts for a week. The game had brought this UC station in the earlier seasons but again is back on the 2021 Christmas festival. This event aims to give extra UC to the player at the same price.

UC station event in pubg mobile/BGMI
AmountNormal days offerUC station event bonus UC offer
$1.0360110%-200% of 60
$ 4.87300+25110%-200% of 325
$ 10.00600+60110%-200% of 660
$ 25.381500+300110%-200% of 1800
$ 51.023000+850110%-200% of 3850
$ 101.026000+2100110%-200% of 8100

The table shows how many more UC you can purchase in this event spending the same amount. For example, if you invest $51.02 on normal days, you will get 3850 UC. However, if you spend the same amount on this event, you will get a bonus UC ranging from 110% to 200%.

Another example, If you spend $1.03, you will get 60 UC. But, if your luck supports you in this UC station event, you can get 66 to 120 uc with 1.03$.

So, the rule is simple, Tap on the spin, and if you get a 150%-200% bonus uc with 101.02 dollars(rare), you are the luckiest Pubg mobile player this Christmas.

However, if you don’t like the deal, tap on NO THANKS for another chance(you can get two choices every day). Happy Christmas