How to build Jean in Genshin Impact? The Best Guide

How to build Jean in Genshin Impact? The Best Guide

The perfectly you build Jean, the more benefits you will get from this character in Genshin Impact. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the best weapon of Jean, her artifacts, team composition to build her strength.

Jean is a well-balanced 5-star character in Genshin Impact. She has Great burst support, can do a lot of damage with highly investing in her, literally heal the entire team, and can use the 4-piece viridescent set.

Jean is best for any role like Main DPS, sub-DPS, but most players like to play her as a support. Also, she can fit the role of a healer, burst support, and user of one of the most Powerful sets, the viridescent, in one character alone.

Here is How to build Genshin Impact Jean

Use the perfect talent of Jean.

To build Jean a Stronger character in Genshin, you need to have good knowledge about her talents.

(I) Gale Blade:
Gale blade is an Elemental skill of Jean. It has two attack forms, In the first one, you can press the button, and a quick anemo charge attack to cast throwing some particular low-weight enemies away. Secondly, you can hold the button and charge your attack, carrying some enemies in the air to abuse fall damage. Gale blade is the best and most fun skill to use overall for Jean in Genshin Impact.

(II) Dandelion Breeze:
Jeans talent kit has a Great elemental burst named the dandelion breeze. In this elemental burst, Jean unleashes a powerful area covered with burst. It deals damage in the initial hit and starts dealing anemo damage or the element it came in contact with, heals all the party members together in a max ratio according to your build. And After that starts healing the character who is on the field unless fully healed.

Choose Right Artifact sets for Jean.

Jean is suitable in all roles, but her famous role is a support to heal her whole team. It gives Great elemental burst support by constantly healing the on-field character and constant elemental burst anemo damage.

Considering Genshin Impact build, the best artifact set for Jean, in general, is the 4-piece viridescent venerer set. It is the most Powerful set for anemo element users or one of the best sets in the game.

In 2-piece, it gives 15% more anemo damage bonus to the set carrying character, and in 4-piece, it increases the swirl damage by 60%, which is massive for anemo element users. Also, it decreases the opponent’s elemental resistance to the element infused by the swirl by 40% for 10 seconds.

There are other sets also good for Jean changing the role mixing sets with each other. If you are already using another anemo character with the 4-piece viridescent set, having another set-in Jean is preferred. But in general, using viridescent venerer is perfect for Jean in specified teams and DPS.

Preferred artifact stats for Jean

If you have enough healing for your whole team, running Jean with attack percent is optimal for the late game. But, if you do not have enough healing, then run a hp based artifact. Giving Jean enough crit rate and crit damage stat is also the best way to build her. And an anemo damage goblet is also essential for Jean. So, for Jean, use an attack percent sand, anemo damage goblet, and crit-rate or crit-rate circlet according to the ratio.

Pick the Best weapon for Jean:

Typically having an energy recharge sword is Good for Jean, Overall her the best weapons:

(I) Skyward Blade:
To build the Jean Powerful in Genshin, pick the skyward blade as it is the best weapon for this character. The skyward blade is a 5-star weapon with a high base stat of max 608, which is massive for Jean’s elemental burst buff. Also, it is an energy recharge main stat sword which is very important for Jean as he must have it burst up all the time.

Skyward Blade: Best weapon of Jean in Genshin Impact

This genshin blade also has the best passivity of increasing the crit rate of the wielder increasing attack speed, Normal and charged attack damage of the wielder.

Festering Desire: Jean's weapon you should pick

(II) Festering Desire:
It is the best free-to-play weapon for Jean in Genshin as it has a nice base stat with energy recharge as its Main-stat. This weapon can be a perfect option for Jean if you do not have any five stars. Festering Desire sword is not in the current period of the game, but if you are an old Genshin player, you might have it in your inventory by completing the first albedo event.

Best team compositions for Jean:

Because of her dynamic nature, you can play Jean with many teams as she can fill the role of healer, burst support. Here is the team compo for the Jean in Genshin Impact:

(I) Xiao Double Geo Comp:
Xiao double geo comp is a very strong team composition where Jean plays a crucial role in providing anemo energy particles for Xiao’s huge elemental burst cost of 80. And she also acts as the healer in the team, providing enough healing for the team. Overall, this team is OP as per your skill level to play the game where Jean plays a big part of the team.

Best team compositions for Jean in Genshin Impact: Xiao Double Geo Comp

(II) Jean SunFire Comp:
Jean sun fire comp is a very unique type ko team composition where two main characters(Jean and Bennett) are there to enable the sun fires. In this comp, you use the Elemental burst of Jean and Bennett together to boost the pyro to bloom from the elemental of Jean. This team is best for using melt gangly as ganyu wants to melt every shot.

Team compositions for Jean: Jean SunFire Comp

In conclusion, this is the complete guide to play and build Jean in Genshin Impact. If you want your Jean to destroy those enemies, then follow the guide- character will surely skyrocket with utility.