How to build Fischl in Genshin Impact: The Princess of Conviction

How to build Fischl in Genshin Impact: The Princess of Conviction

In this article, I will tell you the best build of Genshin Impact character Fischl so that you can make her stronger. You will know the best talent of Fischl, her best artifact, weapon, team compo, and many more. So, shall we continue?

Fischl has a lot of utilities in her kit, which makes her an Amazing character in Genshin. You can play Fischl as electro support or a physical DPS, but the optimal is using her as electro support.

She is one of the best characters for teams that depend heavily on energy recharge management as Fischl is a Great character for your team- also as a battery. She is also an easy character to learn in Genshin Impact.

Fischl build in Genshin Impact: The best way to make her strong.

Use the Best talent of Fischl: Night-Rider, Mid-Night Phantasmagoria.

The Genshin player who knows what talents suit best on Fischl can build her power:

Fischl’s elemental skill nightrider is the main power source of her utility. Basically, it summons an owl named OZ, who is like a mini DPS that stays in the field for quite a while, dealing a lot of electro damage to the enemy even after you swap from your Fischl.

Night Rider skills usage is the main reason to run Fischl in your team as you summon oz swap to other characters and do elemental-based damages. This skill can also be a snapshot. So even after any food buff character expires, the oz will deal the same amount of damage as when it was in the buffed stage.

It is Fischl’s elemental burst, which is like a bonus ability used to resummon OZ. Using this ability, she transforms into a crow and moves faster, and at the end of the burst, OZ resummons. Optimally you can use the burst after you use your skill for the whole duration and again resummon the OZ using the burst in less time.

Use the best Artifact sets of Fischl.

Few artifacts can work with Fischl in 4-piece, so mixing two sets can be more viable for her better build. For example, you can run a 2-piece Gladiator’s finale giving an 18% attack bonus, and use 2-piece thundering fury, which provides a 15% electro damage bonus. In the case of Fischl, more than the set-piece bonus, the Main stat and the sub-stats matter the most.

Use the best Artifact sets of Fischl to build her in Genshin Impact

The four-piece having the most potential in Fischl is the 4-piece thunder Soother’s heart. I can only recommend this set if you can always maintain the electro uptime with your Fischl- for example, electro-charged comps. The 2-piece gives 40% more electro resistance, and damage against opponents affected by electro increases by 35% in the 4-piece.

Fischl’s Preferred Artifact Stats:

Your crit damage, crit rate, and attact% should be your main priority. Generally, you do not need too much energy recharge in Fischl as your OZ acts as a battery generating a lot of particles. So, on the basis, you use attack % sands, crit rate, or crit damage circlet, and for the goblet, electro damage is best for Fischl build in Genshin.

Use Best Weapon of Fischl to raise her strength.

If you consider the right weapons for Fischl, you can build her correctly in Genshin Impact, and her best weapons are Skyward Harp and Stringless. Let us know more about the effect of these two weapons on Fischl.

Skyward Harp: Best weapon of Fischl to build her stronger in Genshin Impact

(I) Skyward Harp:
The perfect weapon you should use on Fischl character in the game is the skyward harp. It has an insane high base attack with crit rate as the main stat. So you can go for a lot of crit damage in your artifacts. The passive is the reason you use skyward harp with your Fischl. It increases the crit damage by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AOE attack, dealing 125% physical attack damage in every 4 seconds.

Skyward Harp: A best weapon for Fischl in Genshin Impact

(II) The Stringless:
The best 4-star weapon you can use on Fischl is stringless. This weapon is free to play and can give more damage value as per refinements. It is a perfect weapon for Fischl as it has elemental mastery as the Main stat. This weapon is viable for Elemental reaction-based teams. The passive of the stringless is also perfect as it increases the Elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 36%.

Think about Team Composition(compo) for Fischl

Considering the Powerful build of Fischl, here are the best team compo for her- Childe Electro Charged, Eula Physical Carry Team.

(I) Childe Electro Charged Team:
This team revolves around Childe Beidou Fischl as the most character, and the fourth slot is changeable according to your preference, but typically you want a healer.

Childe Electro Charged Team for Fischl

In this team compo, Fischl acts as an electro battery for your Beidou. It gets her high Burst cost of 80 up, most of the time. She also plays the role of constant electro damage to enable many electros-based elemental compositions. If used properly, this team is perfect for Fischl, as Beidou’s high DPS potential is highlighted much in this composition.

(II) Eula Physical Carry Team
Fischl can be the best pick for physical carry teams, most preferably Eula teams. You know, superconduct reaction can shred the physical resistance of the enemy. It is Useful as Fischl can apply the electro stat to the enemy, then Eula can superconduct the electro by using her cryo and shredding. She can also act as a battery to the whole team to solve energy recharge problems.

Eula Physical Carry Team: Fischl Character compo

In conclusion, This is how you can build the strongest Fischl in GI, and if you use the character wisely, she can be the best support and sub DPS in the game.