How to use Ganyu in Genshin Impact?

How to use Ganyu in Genshin Impact?

Every Genshin Impact players prefer to play Ganyu as she is one of the strongest characters in the game. When mihoyo/hoyoverse announced Ganyu, she was said to be support, but after the first banner officially ended and the xiao banner started, players tried her as DPS.

She is so wonderful that most players say ganyu is the best DPS. I have been using ganyu since day 1 of the 1st banner, and she hasn’t disappointed me even once.

However, the only issue you might get is an enemy attack while you aim, which you can solve with a shield or distance between the enemy and you. So, Now let’s look at the best ways to play Ganyu in Genshin.

Playing Ganyu in Genshin Impact

1. Use her DPS

Dps is a title given to a Genshin Impact character that deals the most dmg and is on the battlefield most of the time. Ganyu charged attack deals massive damage to the enemy targeted. If you are going to use Ganyu’s DPS, you have to choose between 2 teams which are as follows:

(i) Perma-freeze

As ganyu is a cryo character, she can freeze the enemy when her attack gets infused with hydro. So, Mona is one of the best characters to support ganyu in Genshin as she buffs and applies hydro.

The best freeze comps of ganyu in Genshin are Ganyu, Venti, Mona, Diona. (You can change characters according to which characters you have)

(ii) Melt

When you apply cryo with pyro, the damage delt is double what it can do without any reactions. Ganyu being a cryo character can take advantage of this and deal a lot of damage.

So, The best Melt comps of ganyu in Genshin are Ganyu, Bennett, Xingling, Venti/Zhongli. If you have Zhongli, you should use Zhongli to get protection while you are aiming.

The best weapon for ganyu is Amos bow. Prototype crescent is as good as Amos bow in r5 if you can hit headshot time and again. You can use wanderers or blizzard set on ganyu.

2. Support ganyu

Ganyu DPS is best for most Genshin Impact players, but if you want to use ganyu as support, go for it, and You need Ganyu E and Ult for her support build.

In terms of artifact use Two-Piece Blizzard Strayer Artifact Set for +15% cryo damage and the Two-Piece Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set for +25% burst dmg.

For the best weapons choice for Ganyu, use Favonius warbow for its energy recharge.