How to infuse items in Dota 2? Questions related to Infusing

How to infuse items in Dota 2

In Dota 2, certain items have unlockable ambient effects and special effects and unlock such Effects only when the item merges with another, which is called an infusing in Dota 2. For example, you can infuse slark’s helm of the Umizar crawler using a Treasure upgrade infuser, which unlocks a golden glowing ambient effect in Dota 2.

How to infuse Dota 2 items?

Here are the steps for infusing the items in the game:
.(i) Go to the item description and see if you can Infuse them or not. (if it is infusible by a gem, it has a socket, Or an infuser from the store if it does not contain an infuser.)
(ii) Finally, click on the gem or the infuser and select the one you want to infuse, and after doing this, an infused tag will appear under your item.

Congratulations, you have successfully infused your first item and obtained its ambient effect and special effects in Dota 2.

1. What items can you infuse?

You can infuse items with battle passes and other collectible things released in events. They are known as infusers, and you can buy them at the Dota 2 store.

Some items, however, have sockets, where you have to place gems to infuse them, and you can purchase gems with shards on the market.

2. What is infused raindrop?

Dota 2 infused raindrop

Although the name is similar, infused raindrop is an item inside the actual game.

It is an item that blocks 120 magic damage instances over 75 damage, which has 6 charges. So you cannot infuse an item with a raindrop.

3. What is a treasure upgrade infuser?

Treasure upgrade infuser is a consumable available to infuse items released during the fall of 2016 treasure in Dota 2.

It unlocks various ambient effects on all treasures on items, such as Crown of sacred Light for Omni knight, Wings of Ethernal Monarch for the puck, etc.

4. Can you get an infuser for free in Dota 2?

Well, the short answer is No. You have to buy Infusers which release only on special events such as the fall or winter.

However, with shards, you can buy items such as Artificers hammer that you can use to remove gems and Artificers chisel for adding a socket to a cosmetic item on the Dota 2 shard market.

5. Can you add a rare socket to an item?

Rare sockets can hold gems such as ethereal gems and Prismatic gems that a Normal socket cannot carry.

However, rare sockets come with the Item itself- meaning you cannot create rare sockets in dota 2.