How to reach to immortal in Dota 2 quickly?

How to get to immortal in Dota 2 quickly?

Dota2 players get ranked according to their skill level and ability. If you win a solo ranked match, you will get 30 MMR, whereas you will lose 30 MMR if you lose. Similarly, winning party ranked match will give you 20 MMR, but losing will take away 20 MMR. So, to reach the immortal bracket\rank, you will need to have 5420+ MMR in Dota 2.

Many players try their best and spend thousands of hours playing the game, but they fail to rank up to the Immortal bracket, so here are the best ways to get to Immortal faster.

10 Best Tips To Reach Immortal Rank In Dota 2

1. Master the basics

Pro Dota 2 players have Very Strong basics. Mastering the basics is the key to improving your gameplay while playing any hero. Last hitting, denying, lane pushing, hero positioning, Blocking creeps all fall under the basics.

2. Be better at drafting.

To constantly win the Dota 2 matches, you will need to draft according to the enemy’s pick. Knowing heroes and their counter picks will give you and your team an upper hand so that your team can play smoothly and get the Immortal rank quickly.

3. Master heroes

To perform better in ranked matches, you should play heroes that you are comfortable with, so I recommend mastering at least 5 different heroes for every position you play. This will make choosing and playing ranked games much easier while pushing your rank in Dota 2.

4. Copy the pros

If you wish to be Immortal, you should look at players from the immortal bracket. This will help you expand your game knowledge and improve your overall game. Copying item builds is one the best things to do from the pros.

5. Watch your replays

Dota 2 Immortal players go through their replays when their game does not go well. Watching replays will allow you to figure out your mistakes and will help you to play better in your future games.

6. Communicate with your teammates

Immortal bracket players have Good teamwork, and it helps to team up and make the most out of their heroes. So, cooperate with your teammates for victory because Dota 2 is a team game after all, and you cannot win the match by yourself.

7. Practice through unranked matches

Although the goal is to reach immortal fast, you should not be playing only ranked matches. But also, you should practice certain heroes, and new item builds in unranked mode. This way, you can try out new things and new heroes.

8. Improve Decision making

Knowing when to Gank, when to farm, when to fight and not fight falls under decision making. Immortal players make the best decisions through their years of playing the game. And, you can be better at this by analyzing pro games, YouTube videos, reading articles about Dota 2.

9. Be updated about the game.

Dota2 goes through many big and Small updates. It includes item changes, stat changes, map changes, etc. Knowing such updates, you can adjust your game accordingly and play better.

Keep yourself up-to-date about Dota 2, pick the hero and play the matches accordingly to make the path easier to reach Immortal rank.

10. Take breaks

No matter how good you are, you cannot win every match. Some players, when they lose, they have a bad mood. You know, playing in a bad mood will make your game even worst.

So, take breaks when you are on a losing streak, as this will refresh your mind and help you win the next matches. Hopefully, these tips will help you to hit a Dota 2 Immortal rank quickly.

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