How to reach the Champions League in Fortnite quickly?

How to reach the Champions League in Fortnite quickly?

Let us know some best and Fastest ways to reach the highest league called Champions League here inside Fortnite Battle Royale.

In Fortnite, there is a game mode called Arena- It is like a competitive mode with its kind of Solo, Duo, and Trio game mode. And only your objective is getting kills, out-surviving other players in the game, etc. You get points known as Hype, which determines your division in Fortnite Arena. As you reach higher division, there is a bus fare for jumping out of the bus.

There are three leagues in the game, and they are:- Open League, Contender League, and Champions League. Having a higher division means you can compete in tournaments and cash cups, which you can only play if you have a high enough division. So, you should get 6000 points to get to the Fortnite champions league.

Hype system of Different modes in Fortnite Arena

  • The table shows the Hype points in Fortnite Solo mode.
 Hype points in Fortnite Solo mode
  • In the table, you can see the Hype points in Duo mode.
Hype points in Duo mode
  • Here is the table that reflects the Hype points in Trio mode.
Hype points in Trio mode

You can see the scoring format of all Fortnite modes, and you have to decide which you will try- solo, duo, or trios. It is a personal preference, but according to the chart, the trio looks to be the best option because it is generally easier to do well than other game modes.

But the game developers Epic Games also made Big changes to make Trios the best game mode to grind on. Now hoping you’ve decided on which game mode you are going to grind, and now let us start with the tips to reach champ league fast in Fortnite.

8 Best Tips to reach Champions league quickly in Fortnite

1. Warming up before an Arena Session

It is something everyone should do but rarely do some players try it. I know, myself when I wanted to get to the Champions League for the first time, I would play arena solo as my first Fortnite match, and I wouldn’t be warmed up because I would struggle to hit my shots, and I would choke my edits which led to me dying.

I kept playing without being warmed up and lost a ton of points, which made me demotivated and made me stop grinding. So, my advice would be to warm up at least 15 minutes before hopping on the arena for a grind session.

2. Not Raging/Tilting

Raging and tilting is the last thing you want to do if you wish to have a healthy relationship with your teammates and yourself. You should avoid being angry as a whole. If your partner makes a mistake that makes you angry, you should cool down and let him know his mistake and how to avoid it.

This way, you are a better partner to your team, and your team will improve. If you start tilting, you should take a break from the game.

3. Avoid Bad Team Mates

Bad teammates are something no one wants. Rightly so for a reason because they demotivate you and make you a bad player. I had a teammate who wouldn’t accept his mistakes even when we told him and would make excuses. That’s why we couldn’t hit a champions league. So if you have that kind of partner, you should stay away from them and choose the best Fortnite partner to become a champ fast than you expect.

4. Playing Smart

When most players start trying to go to the champions league, they W-Key everyone they see. W-Key means that they play aggressively, even if they are low on health, resources, etc. And this is something you should avoid as there is always someone better than you.

Even in lower leagues, you should not play brain dead and w-key. But, analyze the fight and then go in. You should see if you have the upper edge, or you MUST fight the player, else it’ll just lose you a lot of points in Fortnite.

5. Landing properly

Proper landing can help you to reach champions league in Fortnite

A proper Landing is Extremely Important as it determines how are you are in the mid-game. So, avoid populated places and find places with good loot, fewer enemies, and good mats. Doing this will increase your points fast, and you will be in the champions league in Fortnite.

6. Understanding the rules of the Arena game mode

The rules of the Arena game mode are different than the normal modes. First, we have Siphon. It is the 50 HP you get after eliminating an opponent. If you have full HP, then it gets converted to Shields. You can also only carry a max of 1500 materials and 500 for each. I.e., 500 max wood or 500 max brick.

7. Playing for Placement Points

I know it might be boring to play this way, but this is a good way to farm arena points for the champions league. You Necessarily don’t have to do this if you are more than confident of your ability, but if you want to get to the champs league quicker in Fortnite, you should leave the aggressive playing days behind and play for placement.

8. Proper Rotations

Proper raration is the best way to hit Fortnite champions league

It is something that is very overlooked in Fortnite arena mode, and it is something that sets apart good players from great players. Staying ahead of the storm is arguably the most crucial aspect of the arena. Late-game can be difficult when moving zones come into play, but you have to remain calm in these situations.

Overall, this is how you can make more Arena points to reach the Champions League faster in Fortnite, and I hope you will become champ and the journey there becomes smooth and joyous for you. Until next time keep on grinding and keep on being a champion!

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