Where to get vaults in Fortnite and How to open them?

Where to get vaults in Fortnite and How to open them?

Vaults were originally added in Fortnite back in Chapter 2 Season 2. When Vaults came out for the first time, I had no idea what to do with it or where all the locations were. So, If you are also in the position like I was, I am here to help you. You might want to stick around until the end as I tell you places to find all Fortnite Vault and a secret way to open them even if you are a solo.

All 7 Locations to find all Vaults in Fortnite

1. Condo Canyon

Condo Canyon: Vault place in Fortnite

Let’s start from the south, and we’ll move up gradually. If you go straight down from Condo Canyon to the edge of the map, you can find this Vault down south of Condo Canyon surrounded by Palm Trees.

2. Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove: Location to find vault in Fortnite

A greasy Grove is a well-loved place that told its goodbye hated because of Taco Tuesday in Chapter 1 Season X. But it has returned in Chapter 3 Season 1 and is still loved like the old days.

It also has a vault near its area, and you can find it if you go southeast of Greasy Grove. You can easily recognize it because it has many buildings with bushes and trees surrounding it.

3. Camp Cuddle

Camp Cuddle: Get a vault

If you want to find the vault of Camp Cuddle, you’ll have to go northwest of this location. Cross the river and keep going forward. You’ll find a mini hill, and on top of it, there will be the Vault in all its glory. It has a large antenna on its back which might help you find it.

4. Logjam Lumberyard

Logjam Lumberyard: Vault finding place in Fortnite

This chest will likely be the least contested. It is one of the most Difficult vaults to find in Fortnite because it is very far from the middle of the map. The storm most of the time won’t be there, plus there aren’t many places from which rotating will lead you there.

So, to get this Fornite vault, you will have to go northwest of Logjam Lumberyard to the hill. You can build-up to the hill or go around from the side. It has a reboot van and a lot of buildings.

5. Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle

Another vault is there in Daily Bugle, and you have to go northeast of this area to find it. It is near the beach, the center of tall trees, and close to the driving road there. You will find a reboot van and some bushes in the middle of the area.

6. Sanctuary


It is one of the easiest vaults you can get in Fortnite second island east of Sanctuary. You will get this chest behind the Big statue- The Foundation Statue. It is located behind the island of the statue, so finding it won’t be that hard- there are some palm trees in front of it.

7. Coney Cross Road

Coney Cross Road

The Coney Cross Road vault is located southeast of Coney Cross Road in Fortnite. You can follow the main road going through Coney Cross Road, and when there is a turn of sorts, you can leave the road and go towards the lake. You get the vault near the lakeside surrounded by trees and bushes.

How To Open Vault while you are alone in Fortnite?

Well, you know the locations where the vaults are, and you want to loot there, but the only problem is you are playing solo, or you have fallen teammates- what do you do then? Most people would give up but giving up is not in the blood, sir! So, Here is how you can open and loot the Vaults in Fortnite.

1. Carry the Guards

When you are at the Vaults, you might have noticed guards guarding it. You can knock those guards down but not finish them.

After you knock them down, you can go to them and well pick them up. Take them to the vault door and feast on all the loot just for yourself. Knocking the guards will make the other guards angry, so be ready for a fight.


You might have seen chickens roaming around the map all the time. Most of the time, they’re useless and pretty annoying, but not in this case.

If you find the chicken in and around the vault, you can go near them and pick them up. Go in the vault door, and the door will recognize the chicken as a player, and you have all the loot for yourself again. Doing this will save you from the guard’s anger, but you’ll rarely find them around the vault roaming aimlessly.

These are all the vault locations in Fortnite Chapter3 and a secret way to open vaults when you are alone, and I hope you’ve learned something new after reading this article. I hope that next time you go to a vault it’s not already looted! On that note, keep on playing and keep on grinding