How to improve your aim in Fortnite like a pro player?

How to improve your aim in Fortnite like a pro player?

What is aiming in Fortnite?

Every gamer has basic knowledge about aiming, but here is a short definition of it in the context of Fortnite. Aiming is an idea of knowing where your enemy or the specific target that is a potential threat to you. So, I’ll help you improve your aim skill in Fortnite so that you can counter all nearby enemies faster.

Generally, aiming is done in Fortnite by using the Left mouse button in PC, RT(Xbox) for Controller players, R1(Play Station), and touch screen for mobile Player.

Why should you focus on training your aim in Fortnite?

Aiming in Fortnite

There are three must learn mechanics in this game- building, editing, and aiming, but to even be decent in those other two mechanics, you need to have decent aim skills first.

Why do you ask? To build a piece in Fortnite, you need to look at or aim towards where you want to build it. For example, a wall if an enemy is on the north of you and you are facing south, and he starts shooting at you, you need to face north or aim north and build a wall to protect yourself from his bullets.

But if your aim is bad and your sensitivity is unoptimized, you might end up building a wall somewhere else. It gets you shot or you might end up spamming your wall. It is even worse since it depletes your materials.

So, that is the brief about why good aim is important in Fortnite. When you are at the editing UI, if you are not precise with your aim, you might miss the opportunity to shoot your enemy or escape from your enemy.

How is aiming different from other mechanics in Fortnite?

Map to improve aiming in Fortnite

You might have encountered players who are just building all around you and editing like crazy. All you can do is try to outbuild them or edit them quicker than them. OR you can stand there and take the shot and clip and put on the montage.

These are sweats players. But if you are like most other players from anywhere where ping is high, you can not do a lot against high FPS and low ping.

When you are in creative mode, you will find many of these players on zone wars, box fights. Some are good mechanically and will not give you the time to shoot them, but some try to do flashy stuff and not protect themself.

In this case, you will have to be pro at aim and wait until they make a mistake and shoot them to kill them or have better odds if it ends up on a 50/50 fight where there is a high chance of you winning.

Your aim is least affected by your ping, and it comes down to how many fps you are getting. But you can not do much to change that if you are on pc with a low budget. I suggest you optimize your pc, and if you’re on console, I can not give you tips for better FPS.

Best way to improve aim in Fortnite

I already told you why good aiming matters in the game, especially for players with high ping and low fps. So, to be better at aiming in Fortnite, firstly, you need to optimize your sensitivity and customize it effectively that best fits your playing style.

I prefer faster gameplay with high sensitivity, but that is what I prefer. If you like to play slow, keep your sensitivity accordingly.

If you do not know what type of Fortnite playstyle you prefer, then if you are on console, I suggest you have your x and y as 47 or 45. Since it is not that fast or slow, change it if it is too quick or too slow.

If you are on mouse and keyboard, I suggest you measure your mouse pad length and take your mouse, put it on the left-most part of the useable area, and then swipe moderately to the rightmost useable area of your mouse pad and your character in-game should do a 360-degree turn.

So by doing these things, you can aim Perfectly and faster than your enemy in the Fortnite battleground.

Best Map to practice aiming in Fortnite

More practice makes aiming skills perfect, so here are some maps with code to learn and improve aim in Fortnite.

  • Skaavok’s Aim Training map (Code:- 8022-6842-4965)
  • Shride’s Aim Trainer (Code:- 7088-3496-5589)
  • Raider464’s 1v1 Aim Duel Map (Code:-8595-7789-7339)