How to set the best Keybinds in Fortnite?

How to set the best Keybinds in Fortnite?

Many players try their best, but they fail to be the best. In the context of Fortnite, there might be many factors holding them back, and the most common factor is players forget to set keybinds at the optimal level.

You can define Key binds as the buttons you click to perform a specific action while gaming. But, most Players have unoptimal key binds, which holds them back very much. Let us see the tips to find the BEST key binds for you in Fortnite.

What are Optimal Key Binds?

Optimal key binds are the key binds that do not hold you back from playing your best. Optimal Key Binds is not one set of binds, but if you follow the guidelines. Or any set of keys that follow the guidelines of best Key binds is known as Optimal Key Binds in Fortnite.

The Fortnite Pro Keybinds will help you move freely, improve your movement, improve editing and building, and help you get sneaky shots on your enemies that they will never predict. If you use optimal key binds, you will get an edge over your enemies and win with high chance than the time you were using un-optimal.

Guideline to set Optimal KeyBinds in Fortnite

Okay, let us say I have convinced you to use the optimal Key Binds, but you must be thinking about how you can do it. So, there are some tips to switch to the most favorable Key Binds settings. But you must be thinking about how to do it. Well, fear not, as I am here to help you.

1. Spreading Key Binds All Across your Finger

This tip says that we must not put more than two Major actions on one finger. It will not make your one finger dependent and lowers your gameplay quality.

Suppose, if you put the ramp button, edit button, and a weapon button all on the index finger, it puts stress on your index finger and hinders your gameplay while the other fingers rest. So, try to spread the key binds on all the fingers, which will put less stress on one finger and improve your Fortnite gameplay.

2. Using Mouse Buttons If You Have Them

Best Building keybinds in Fortnite

If you have extra mouse buttons, you should start using them in Fortnite, and I recommend you to set them as your building keybinds because it is Popular and best so.

When I started using mouse buttons, I could feel my building improve because I didn’t have to take my fingers off my keyboard, which really made a huge difference, and to this day, I still use mouse buttons as my build binds.

3. Moving build key binds away from index and ring fingers.

By this, I mean that you should keep building key binds from your index fingers. It might seem stupid, but there is a good reason why you should do it. You see, if you have to build binds on your index and ring fingers, they hinder your movement in Fortnite.

If you are running and you need to take your index or ring fingers off the movement binds, it will ruin your building as the best of builders always keep on moving as they build, and if you don’t do this, already you should make it a habit.

4. Using Sprint on Default

It is such a common mistake Fortnite players make when they don’t use sprint on the default setting. They keep on having to press the Shift button, which takes up a finger and makes it uncomfortable.

If you turn it on, you will free up a finger and a bind, and you can use the button, for example, crouch, which is Common.

5. Using What is comfortable for you

Best Keyboard keybind in Fortnite

No matter what other people say, your key binds are yours, and if you feel uncomfortable with your binds, you will never play Fortnite well. So, you have to make sure while choosing these Fortnite keybinds, you have to feel comfortable in your settings.

Now you are ready to start making your key binds optimal. If you want a starting key bind, you can use the given best Keybind setting in Fortnite, but remember that if you feel uneasy, you can modify or even change it completely:

WallSide Mouse Button 1Weapon Slot 12
StairSide Mouse Button 2Weapon Slot 23
FloorQWeapon Slot 34
ConeVWeapon Slot 45
TrapTWeapon Slot 5Left Shift
Pickaxe1Map M

So, these are the major ones that you can start from, and I hope you can find the optimal set of Keybinds for yourself in Fortnite.