Mobile Legends VS Dota2: Comparison between both games

Mobile Legends VS Dota2: Comparison between both games

In this article, I will describe my personal experience with both games, and I will list out the Common similarities and differences I found in Dota2 VS Mobile legends.

I have been a fan of MOBA (multiplayer battle arena) games for a long time. So, I have been playing Dota2 for over six years and started playing Mobile legends last year.

I find Both games have the same objective to win, which is to destroy the opponent, and are very fun to play, but after comparing deeply, I got some differences.

Comparing Mobile Legends VS Dota2

1. Beginner experience

Beginner experience: Mobile Legends VS Dota2

I hadn’t much hard time adjusting to mobile legends as I had previous experience with DOTA 2.

It took me about two months to understand the basics of DOTA 2, such as Buying items, using them, creep Aggro, stacking creeps, but I learned the basics in MLBB in a week. Therefore, Dota 2 is a Hard game compared to Mobile Legends(MLBB).

(Please note that I am talking about basics and not being a pro in a week).

2. Match Length

Unlike Dota2, where the average match lasts about 35-40 mins, whereas, in MLBB, the Average game is usually up to 10-15 mins.

I found MLBB a way to refresh myself by playing a game while taking a quick break from my studies, whereas I would have to plan before playing a Dota 2 match as they tend to be very long.

3. Better Graphics

If we talk about graphics, Dota2 wins over MLBB. Dota2 has more dark-themed Standard animation, whereas mobile legends have more cartoonish animation.

And this has to do with the Fact Dota 2 is a pc game, whereas mobile legends is a mobile game.

For providing a smoother experience, creators of mobile legends have to compromise their graphics. However, I have a mobile legend player friend who finds the Dota 2 Graphics is very dark and dirty. So it can be based on personal opinion.

4. New Hero Introductions

The truth is Mobile Legends frequently brings new heroes VS Dota2. During my time playing MLBB, new heroes came many times, but in my years of playing Dota2, the game introduced only a few heroes.

Dota 2 players have to wait for a special event for years to get a new hero in the game. Thus playing the same hero, again and again, becomes boring, so mobile legends do a better job at this.

5. Hero pool

While playing Mobile legend, I dislike the fact that all heroes were not available to pick. Players need to unlock some heroes by purchasing in-game currency with real money.

Although you can unlock heroes without buying anything, that takes a lot of time, and players with stronger heroes unlocked have a slight advantage. In Dota2, every player can access the same number of heroes, even if a beginner or a pro player.

After comparing MLBB VS Dota 2, I conclude being some similarities and differences, both games are fun to play, both are the best MOBA games.

(Please note that these are only my personal opinion. I hope you enjoyed reading this article!)