Fortnite Klombo: All details related to this creature

Fortnite Klombo: All details related to this creature

With the new update, Fortnite brought back two things everyone loves, Tilted Towers and a new creature in the game. Well, you’re familiar with the first one, the beloved Tilted Towers, but what is Klombo in Fortnite. Hopefully, I’ve answered all the questions you have related to this creature.

What are Klombos?

Klombos are the newest creatures added to Fortnite in the 19.10 patch. They look like dinosaurs and look adorable. These creatures came in the same update Fortnite brought back the fan-favorite Titled Towers.

I thought the hype of Tilted Towers would overlook them, but the adorable face and massive size of Klombos are too much for players to handle.

Klombo’s Appearance

Klombo in Fortnite

Klombos are massive dinosaurs with fangs and blue eyes that you Normally see roaming around peacefully on Fortnite Island. You will find them in different colors, so sometimes they might be green, while sometimes they are purple.

Like every other creature in Fortnite, you cannot tame Klombos, but You can feed them klomberries which will make them happy, and they’ll give you supplies in return.

What are Klomberries?

 Klomberries in Fortnite: Food of Klombo

Klomberries are the Special berries scattered all around the Fortnite map, which you can collect and feed Klombos.

These Klomberries are generally very easy to find, and like I already told you, if you feed these berries to Klombos, they will give you supplies in return through the hole they have on their head. They’ll also change their colors when you feed them.

What happens if you damage Klombo in Fortnite?

You might ask, is it possible to kill Klombo in Fortnite, and the short answer to this question is No.

Klombos only take one damage no matter what you shoot them with. After inflicting ten damage, they go into rage mode, and they will start to turn red and start coming at you to attack you.

You might think you can fight or win over Klombo back, but they are invincible, and they don’t die no matter how much you shoot them. So if you think that you can get away with it, you might want to think again.

Rumors about Klombos

There are rumors about new baby Klombo coming to Fortnite soon. They will be hatched in-during in a game, and they are most likely to be tamed, unlike adult Klombos.

It is also said baby klombos will spawn near the highly contested drop spot of fan-favourite Titled Towers.

Overall, this is all the things about Klombos, and I hope I have cleared any doubts you have about this beautiful creature in Fortnite