How to get more battle stars in Fortnite?

How to get more battle stars in Fortnite?

With the addition of Chapter 3 1st season, we have got a new battle pass with fresh new skins, emotes, and of course, our favorite superhero Spiderman. We all want to get Spiderman on our hands as soon as possible, but we cannot seem to gain battle stars quickly. But, let us learn the best ways to make battle stars/points in Fortnite.

5 best ways to get more battle stars in Fortnite

1. Buying Battle Stars

Purchase battle stars

You can use this method only if you urgently need the items or can afford to buy battle stars. You have to use your real money to purchase the battle stars.

This method is the most obvious but not the optimum way. There are free options, so this might be the last thing you want to do.

2. Doing Quests

Completing quest is the best way to make battle points in Fortnite

Doing quests is an easy yet effective way to farm free battle stars in Fortnite. There are easy quests and Hard quests alike, so if you can, you can do the Difficult to make more battle points fast.

Easy Quests will help you get the points but in less amount. You can find a quest in the pre-game lobby, and from here, you can choose which Quests you want to complete.

3. Team Rumble

Team rumble is a game mode given by epic games themselves. I always used to play this game to complete quests and make Fortnite XP because even if you die, you keep gliding down.

Also, you can get many kills because the zone is small, and all the players are inside that area.

So, elimination and General quests are much easier to do in Team Rumble for making more battle points in Fortnite.

4. Impostor Game Mode

Impostor game mode is like the Fortnite equivalent of Among Us, the popular game. To play this game mode, you have to find the section By Epic while selecting the game mode, and you can find it there to play it.

You should be heading for the win, and if you are a crewmate, you should try to complete as many tasks as you want to earn more battle stars/points.

5. Playing the Game

You can play the game Normally like you always play like Solo, Arena Trios to get free battle stars.

Yes, you really can gain battle stars by opening chests, ammoboxes, and getting kills. You can probably earn 5 battle stars by playing Fortnite for a while every day for a week.

In conclusion, you can farm battle points by Normally playing the game, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use the methods I mentioned in this article. I hope that your stars-gaining process becomes ten times faster.