How to be a pro in Fortnite?

How to be a pro in Fortnite?

Fortnite is a Hard game, and we all accept it, but as they say, nothing is impossible, not even your dream of being a pro player. After reading this article and doing the things in it, I assure you, you’ll be a far better player of Fortnite in no time.

Best Tips to be a Fortnite Pro Player

1. Maintain good sensitivity.

Good sensitivity in Fortnite

If you are a new player to Fortnite, you might have very non-optimal settings. Non-Optimal Settings are the settings that stop you from playing your best game smoothly. So, you should always see forward to using optimal settings regardless of how old or new you are to the game. 

Most Fortnite Pro players have eDPI at around 36-40 because it is considered optimal, and you should do the same. eDPI is by multiplying your mouse DPI with your in-game sensitivity. But if you are not comfortable with your eDPI, you can feel free to change it as you should feel comfortable. 

PS. Don’t change them frequently- it ruins your muscle memory, but change them once and stick with them.

2. Maintain good key binds.

Maintaining good keybind to become a pro in Fortnite

Most new players use the default key binds given to them by Fortnite, which is all right, but it’s not the best. As I call it *unoptimal*. If you already have a habit of using that setting format and don’t want to change it, it is Fine. 

But if you do want to play Fortnite better, you should change your key binds to optimal key binds. Optimal key binds aren’t always the same. But you want to follow some rules while selecting optimal binds- Which are:  

(i) Keep as many keys binds off the index and ring finger while feeling comfortable.
(ii) Binds on index and ring fingers should be as close to WASD as possible.
(iii) Not having binds only on one finger.

3. Make a practice routine.

Practice everyday to be pro in Fortnite

Practice makes perfect-You must have heard this a lot of times, and this rule applies to Fortnite too. Set Practice Routine is something you do before playing Fortnite. The best Fortnite players practice about half an hour before starting the match. It improves their aim, building, editing, etc., and ready for the session. 

Well, we know it’s beneficial, but how do we have a practice routine? The answer is simple. Open up creative and go to a portal and enter the codes, and practice on the following Fortnite maps: 

  1.  Xanex Aim/Edit Crosshair Map: 8486-9104-1829
  2.  Edit Training Course Code: 3739-6759-3380
  3. Pandvil’s FFA Realistic PvP: 0563-9687-6084

But you want to do these maps at least for 15 minutes every day if they are boring. If you practice on these maps daily, you will become a Pro player in Fortnite Fast.

4. VOD Review.

You might have heard the player use the term ‘VOD Review’ and must have wondered what it is. In simple words, VOD Review means to review your death and question yourself why you died.

Don’t make excuses like I was lagging or the opponent had better FPS. Think about what you could’ve done better in that fight to improve next time. 

You can VOD Review by turning on ‘Instant Replay’ on Fortnite or using some other external recording software. I would recommend Nvidia GeForce Experience on the Nvidia Graphics Card. But regardless of the system, you can do it on all devices.

5. Tilting.

When you play, it’s obvious you get rage, and that term is called Tilting. It is Bad, and you should avoid it, but at times, when you do tilt, it is best to stop playing and take a break.

If you play with tilt, you will develop bad habits and, instead of being a pro, you will become a worse Fortnite player than you already are. So as soon as you tilt, you can do some breathing exercises and take a break from the game entirely. And by that, I mean no Fortnite whatsoever, no matter if it’s on YouTube, Twitch, or anything else.

6. Landing in a location with enemies

A common mistake new Fortnite players make is landing at places nobody goes. IT IS BAD! -Yes, by doing this, you might have won a couple of games, but this is a bad habit. In Fortnite, you don’t go for wins like that, and you should be a better player and win instead. 

By reading this, I don’t mean you should go and land on Tilted Towers next game- It means you need to work your way up. Go from non-populated areas to semi-populated and then finally populated. Doing this will make you tilt, but you should stick to it no matter what. This way, you will become one of the best players in Fortnite within a short period.

7. Boosting FPS on your device

By this, I don’t mean that you should go and buy the latest PC. You can be a better player in Fortnite even with a bad/Low-end computer. There are too many examples of players winning money with Bad devices. But you can boost the FPS on your device. 

You cannot do much on consoles, but you can turn off replays- play wired on your controller. But on PC, you can do SO MANY THINGS to improve your FPS in Fortnite- Tweaking windows, deleting temp files, etc. 

I hope that I’ve helped you even in the slightest way. With Fortnite, you’ve got to remember that you won’t get success overnight. You’ll have to work for it every day. 

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