Rare Skins In Fortnite Of All Time- Top 10 collection

Rare Skins In Fortnite Of All Time- Top 10 collection

Fortnite has hundreds of skins, and among them, some are rare in nature. Skins are one of their sources of income, and players spend money on v-bucks to buy Fortnite skins. We all know how good Fortnite is with Skins, with a MASSIVE collaboration being ordinary.

Who could have thought we would have a game with superheroes, athletes, singers, etc. It does have it all. While some skins are most popular and everyone has. In this article, I will list out the rarest Fortnite skins.

Top 10 Most Rare Skins in Fortnite

1. The Renegade Raider

The Renegade Raider skin in Fortnite

When you hear rare skin, the first thing that comes up to your mind has got to be the Renegade Raider. It was released back when Fortnite didn’t even have Battle Passes. Renegade Raider is undoubtedly the rarest skin in all of Fortnite history- You would have to reach Level 20 and pay 1,200 V-Bucks on the first season of Fortnite.

2. Black Knight

Black Knight skin in Fortnite

The fact of this skin is even its backpack (the shield) is one of the rarest, most popular, and overall, the best backpacks in the game.

These days, You will rarely see players with backpacks in Fortnite, but if you find the player with this item, it is most likely Black Knight’s backpack or a cloak. Black Knight was released back in Chapter 1, Season 2 in the battle pass, and you’d have to reach Tier 100 in the first-ever battle pass.

3. The Reaper

Rare skin in Fortnite: The Reaper

Ah, The Reaper, referred to as the John Wick skin. It was obtained when you bought and reached Tier 100 of the Chapter 1 Season 3 battle pass. It is one of the rare and try-hard skins in all of Fortnite history. The Reaper just has that aura.

4. Galaxy

Galaxy skin in Fortnite

The Galaxy skin is one of the first skin that started the expensive device collaboration. It was only available to players who bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But, you can no longer get the skin because it gets replaced by glow skin which is much more popular than Galaxy skin in Fortnite.

5. Sparkle Specialist

Fortnite Rarest skin: Sparkle Specialist

Released in the Chapter 1 Season 2 battle pass (the first battle pass), you could only unlock Sparkle Specialist skin when you’d reach Tier 56. This skin is rare, and most Fortnite pro players use this skin. So if you encounter a player with Sparkle Specialist skin, you can think he is skilled.

I was lucky enough to use this skin when I was at my friend’s, and it made me feel like I was the best player in the world, but then I died to fall damage

6. Double Helix

Double Helix skin in Fortnite

Double Helix is a skin that unlocks after purchasing an expensive device, limited-edition Nintendo Switch, but it is rare nowadays. So it is also known as the most expensive skin in Fortnite.

It might feel similar to other skins because it is just the red variant of the character model but regardless is also the rarest skin in Fortnite.

7. Royale Bomber

Fortnite Royale Bomber

When the PS4 collaborated with Fortnite, they released Royale Bomber. This skin came in Chapter 1 Season 4, and you could get it by buying a PS4 Fortnite Royale Bomber bundle. It was a costly skin, and to be honest, not very good skin, so most people thought it was not worth the value.

8. Ragnarok (Final Stage)

Ragnarok (Final Stage) skin

Released in the Chapter 1 Season 5 battle pass, the Ragnarok is always a rare skin being in tier 100. But, it is rarer because to unlock the final stage, you’d have to collect tons of XP.

9. Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager: Rare skin in fortnite

The Dark Voyager skin is not exactly a pretty one. You could only get it in the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass that will never return, and to add to its rareness, you’d have to reach tier 70 to unlock the skin.

You rarely see the skin on battle royale, and as more players start playing Fortnite, it’ll only Start getting rarer.

10. iKONIK

Fortnite rare skin: iKONIK skin

The iKONIK skin was every player’s dream back in Chapter 1. You could only obtain the skin by buying Samsung’s phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10- which was the latest Samsung phone.

Back then, most players couldn’t afford it because of expensive costs, and nowadays, it is one of the rare skins available in Fortnite.

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