How to get Fortnite skins for Free?

How to get Fortnite skins for Free?

Skins in Fortnite are cosmetics that everyone would like to have to get the best gaming experience. No matter how many skins players have, they never seem to have enough. In general, the player can obtain skins in Fortnite by paying real money, and many people tend to spread fake news and try to scam people by telling them they can get all for free.

Reality is– there are few ways you can obtain selected cosmetics in Fortnite for free, but by these ways, you can only get those items that are less valuable. But the skins are skins as they are pride for the players. So, let us continue.

All possible ways to get free skins in Fortnite

1. Opening Presents during Winterfest

It is one of the ways you can get free presents during Winterfest. But you can unlock free skins by this method during Christmas and the holiday season, as that is the only time when Winterfest is there. Last year players got two skins, while in the years before, they got one skin for free.

2. Challenge skins

Occasionally the game releases free skins in the item shop, but this is not something you see very often; however, it is not something we will never see. These types of skins ARE FREE, but you will need to do challenges to unlock them without money in Fortnite.

A recent example of such challenge-based skins is the Shadow Bundle Skin. Mostly, these types of skins are pretty good to wear, and players use these cosmetics even if there is a price to pay for them.

3. Legit Giveaways

Now, this is something that you need to take look at carefully. MOST giveaways are FAKE. Yes, fake giveaways are the majority of giveaways. Please do not fall for this. You need to filter out the fake ones for legit and real giveaways. Again, please do not fall for these FAKE GIVEAWAYS for getting free cosmetics in Fortnite.

4. Refer- A – Friend Programs.

Fortnite rarely and occasionally brings out such programs; in recent memory, we have seen the Xander Outfit, which the player obtained by referring a friend to play the game.

So, you could obtain the skin for free by doing such an easy task in the gave if available; let us hope we will see such programs return to Fortnite.

In conclusion,

Those are some tips/tricks you can use to unlock free skins in the Fortnite, but please do not fall for the scams. Only trust those legit methods approved by Epic Games themselves. If you break terms and conditions, you might get problems. ENJOY!