How to get a Book of Building in COC?

How to get a Book of Building in COC?

Book of Building is a magic item in Clash of Clans that can help you to upgrade and release the builder instantly. For instance, if your town hall requires 16 days to upgrade, the Book of the building can finish the work in a second. So, here are all the best ways you can get Book of Building in COC:

1. Obtain required points in Clan games

Play clan games to get book of building

COC brings the clan games events at least once monthly with many surprises. You will have to complete the task of clan games to obtain points. If you can get 5000 clan game points, you can get one Book of building for free in Clash of Clans. The clan game event lasts for at most 6 days in the game, so you have to hurry.

2. Visit weekly deal

The weekly deal is the feature in the clash of clans that offers you surprises with raid medals and gems. Each week, you will get free rewards in coc, and if you are lucky, you can also obtain the Book of building. However, you can also purchase one Book of building weekly by spending 500 gems. So, the choice is yours, wait or spend.

3. Complete events if available.

It might depend upon the mood of the COC developer. For instance, you can get a shovel of obstacle by completing the lunar new year challenge, but sometime, you might get the event task by which you can obtain the Book of the building after completing it. So, this method is highly reliable, but it doesn’t require much effort to visit the event section.

4. Purchase with real money if you have

Purchase book of Building in COC

Another way to unlock a book of building is by purchasing it with real money. You can visit the special offer section, see the best offer and buy the Book of Building which includes other rewards such as wall rings, potions, and many more. The cost of a Book of Building in clash of clans ranges from $5, depending on the offer.

When should you use the Book of building?

The best use of the Book of Building in CoC is to upgrade the resources that require more days; for instance, town hall, eagle artillery, and scattershot. But don’t use the Book of Building to upgrade the battle machine and heroes.

What is the value of the Book of Building?

The worth of the Book of Building is more than 2000 Gems because it can instantly complete any new upgrades. So, it is better you buy Book of Building with 500 Gems to get benefits.