Affinity and Familiarity in MLBB: How to increase familiarity?

Affinity and Familiarity in MLBB: How to increase familiarity?

This article is all about the Affinity and Familiarity in MLBB and the best way to increase them.

Affinity in Mobile Legends means the relationship you have with your player friends.
There are four types of Affinity in MLBB, which are:
(i) Partners
(ii) Bros
(iii) Besties
(iv) Confidants.

You can establish these affinities with those players whose familiarity with you is high enough. You can make up to 1 Partner, 4 Bros, 4 Besties, and 5 Confidants.

If you want to check how many people have an affinity with, then go into your profile–click on the Social tab–and then affinity.

Advantages of having Affinity in MLBB

(1). Whenever you play a game with someone you have an affinity with, you will see an affinity icon between you and your friend. There are 3 levels of affinity signs, and this icon will change its shape after you have greater familiarity in MLBB.

(2). Moreover, having an Affinity in Mobile Legends also allows you to share Hero, which means you can play a particular hero you do not have, but your friend has. But remember, you can share Hero in classic matches and against A.I.

Affinity and Familiarity: Affinity Level Perks in MLBB

How to create Affinity in Mobile Legends?

To have Affinity with other players, you must increase your familiarity first. Familiarity is another mechanic in Mobile Legends that denotes how well you know the player and how familiar you are among the players.

So, to create an affinity with someone, you will need 150 familiarity points in MLBB.

How to increase familiarity in MLBB?

In Mobile Legends, you can increase your familiarity to 150 by giving gifts, Familiarity sweets, and playing matches with them.

Reach to Familiarity to 150 by donating to your friends in MLBB

Once you have enough affinity points, you can go to the social tab again from your profile, Click on Affinity, then click on the plus sign.

Doing this will take you to the social window. You can also go to the social window from the friends icon, which is below the area where it shows people online in the lobby. Then go to close friends.

Here in Pending, it will show you the players you have familiarity with, and you have to request them to create the Affinity by clicking the button that looks like a list with a plus. The chocolate button is to gift the person something.

Once they accept your Affinity request, you’ll see their name in the Affinity and the social tab in your profile. You can also see affinity requests sent to you by clicking the requests button in the bottom right.

Affinity and Familiarity: MLBB Friends

How can you remove Affinity with someone in Mobile Legends?

To end a relationship with someone, you will have to click the heartbroken icon in the affinity tab. Doing this will send a request to the player, and If he accepts, the relationship will get terminated.

The affinity gets removed itself in MLBB if you unfollow the player or the player doesn’t come online for 30 days.