How to get battle emotes in MLBB? Mobile Legends

How to get battle emotes in MLBB? Mobile Legends

Battle emotes are a simple way of directing emotion and short interaction between players in MLBB. You can emote in the game by dragging the chat button to your emote

To equip the emote in ML and check how many of them you have- go-to preparation section, go to effects, and then emote option.

The window looks like this:

Free Battle emotes in MLBB

As you can see, I have a lot of emotes. So I will tell you how to get battle emotes in mobile legends for free.

How to get battle emotes in MLBB(Mobile Legends)

The first and easy way is to get MLBB emotes is to recharge some diamonds and go to the emote section and buy emote bundles. From this, you will surely get an emote.

But I have never spent a single penny on this game to purchase emotes. These are the ways I got them;

(i) There is an emote you can get by exchanging ad tickets with it, and It’s the dyroth’s thumbs-up emote.

(ii) Every now once and then, there is a grand collection event where you can draw daily. From the event, you will get the best reward for sure either you will get a battle emote or an avatar frame in MLBB for free.

(iii) The ongoing M3 event where you have to do some daily tasks to get points. These points are like starlight to get a reward for these points. There is an emote in that pass. So If you want it better, grind for it.

(iv) In the event option, there are a lot of events that pop up, such as the thanksgiving event and many others. In those events, you just do simple tasks, and then you get to exchange the points for free battle emotes in ML.

(v) Right now, the 2021 starlight fest is where you get to draw skins and emotes in ML. Those who pre-registered got to draw 2 times for free.
In the future, those events are sure to come again. So be prepared for those events.

(vi) You can get MCL emote by winning the MCL one time in Mobile legends.

(vii) You get to have the Mythic emote if you reach mythic rank when the MLBB season is over.

(Vii) You also get a free silvana police cop emote if you maintain your credit score of 105 for a while in ML.

(viii) Recently, when MLBB had its anniversary, there was an event where you could swap points for free battle emotes. These kinds of emotes are to come again very soon.

(ix) Christmas is coming very soon, and I am sure that there will be a Christmas event in MLBB where you can get skins as well as emotes. So be ready to pre-register your free token.

So, These are the ways you can get free battle emotes in Mobile legends.

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