Best junglers in MLBB- Top 10 of all times

Best junglers in MLBB- Top 10 of all times

Junglers are the heroes that farm gold by killing jungle creeps in MLBB. In the game, they have the most crucial role.

They usually are the carry of the game. You can rank up quickly in ML solo if you play the carry. So, If you are wondering who are the best Junglers in mobile legends, then here is the list of top 10 junglers of all time.

Top 10 Junglers of all time in MLBB

1) Lancelot

Lancelot: Top Junglers of all time in MLBB

Lancelot is an excellent jungler in ML because of his high early game damage. He can farm the jungle very quickly. So, his first skill dash gives Lancelot extra mobility to travel to the map very fast.

Also, he can dive into the enemy backlines effortlessly. The second skill recently got nerfed, but he is still pretty good.

2) Gusion

Gusion MLBB

Gusion is a popular pick for the jungler role in every rank in MLBB(Mobile Legends Bang Bang). His high burst damage and very low CD for his ultimate can clear the jungle extremely fast.

He has excellent mobility skills. His set of skills is very effective for killing the enemy backline. If you have a fast hand, you should try gusion.

3) Hanzo

fastest Jungler Hanzo in MLBB

Among all Junglers in Mobile Legends(MLBB), Hanzo is the fastest hero because his first skill devours the creep directly. Also, you can use him to steal the enemy buffs or creeps. His ultimate is his main thing.

The soul of Hanzo comes out of his body and can move through anything he can deal damage, and even if the soul dies, he doesn’t. This way, Hanzo never has to go to the battlefield himself.

4) Yi Sun-Shin

Best Junglers: Yi Sun-Shin MLBB

Yi Sun-Shin is an Assassin/Marksman. He has the potential of both marksman and an assassin in MLBB. His early-game damage is lower than other assassins, but he has high late-game damage as a marksman. His first skill provides CC immunity. So if you are looking for a late-game hyper, you can choose him.

5) Alucard

Alucard MLBB

Alucard is a hero you get comparatively early in the game. He is a Fighter/Assassin. He is simple to use. But Alucard is one of the strongest Jungler out there that can easily win in a 1V1 MLBB battle. He has high early game damage and is very hard to kill in a team fight if you don’t have CC in your team.

6) Fanny

Fanny MLBB: Best Junglers

Fanny is one of the best assassins and jungler, but only if you manage to play her properly. It’s hard to play her because it is hard to control her with her second skill. But, if you learn to use Fanny properly, she is an unstoppable Jungler and can carry the game very easily.

7) Ling


Ling is one of the best assassins since he came out. He has been nerfed quite much, but he is still powerful. He can jump on walls also, can strike the enemy backline from the walls easily.

His late-game damage is also insane. Ling can also escape from the battle easily with his jump. That’s why players pick him often from the list of Junglers in MLBB.

8) Aamon

Aamon MLBB; Top Junglers

The recently launched Ammon is a beast. He has very high burst damage like his brother Gusion, and he is a very fast jungler. Aamon can also conceal to sneak into enemies very easily and burst them down.

Though he was nerfed he is still strong. So, you can say the Aamon is the Strongest jungler hero in Mobile legends(MLBB).

9) Aldous

Aldous MLBB: Strongest Jungler

Aldous is one of the strongest fighters in the late game. He gains stacks by killing minions, creeps, turtles and destroying turrents. He Aldous is one of the strongest fighters in the late game in Mobile legends Bang Bang.

He gains stacks by killing minions, creeps, turtles and destroying turrents. He can gain up to 500 stacks which increases his first skill damage. Moreover, Aldous can move to the enemy easily with his ult. In the late game, he can one-shot most heroes.

10) Barats

Barats MLBB

Barats is one of the most tanky heroes out there. Even if you build him with tank items, he still has very high output damage. He can clear the jungle extremely fast and sturdy on the MLBB battlefield. Barats has been nerfed quite a bit, but he is still Powerful in the junglers role in Mobile legends(MLBB).

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