All about rotation for tanks in mobile legends – Full guide

All about rotation for tanks in mobile legends - Full guide

A tank is a role that has to play a specific and necessary part to ensure effortless victory. There are a set of things that a tank must do from early game to late game. Tanks Rotation in mobile legends(MLBB) refers to going to the mid lane, gold lane, exp lane, or enemy jungle. So I’m going to tell you how a tank must rotate throughout the ML game.

Guide for Early, Mid and Late Rotation of tanks in Mobile legends(MLBB)

  • Here is the map of the MLBB arena:
map of the MLBB arena

The dollar sign indicates the gold lane, the E sign represents the exp lane, and the cross on the Z beside the turtle is a roamer which is to be played by the ML tank. The one in the middle is the midlaner and the one left is the jungler.

1) Early Game

The first thing to do as a tank is, buy roaming boots and then look at the enemy composition. If the enemy has any hero that can disturb your jungler’s farm like franco or tigreal, then you must prevent that from happening by supporting the jungler.

You must help your hyper or jungler to take the blue/red buff first. The buff/creeps are the ones with the devil sign on them.

But, if you are a franco or a tigreal, then you can go and delay the enemy jungler’s buff by pushing it or hooking it. Then you must help your team secure the lithowanderer that spawns on one side of the river in MLBB.

The one with the + sign on the map is the lithowanderer. The lithowanderer gives little gold and more vision to the team.

After you help your jungler secure both the buffs, you must then try to gank other lanes. You can either rotate to the gold lane or the exp lane to kill the enemy laner. Then the first turtle spawns.

A turtle gives your whole team extra exp and gold that is very important. After your first gank, you must immediately go to the turtle and support your jungler in securing the turtle. Your main job here is to keep the enemy away by pushing them ulting them, especially the enemy jungler.

2) Mid Game:

After your first turtle, the next is you must keep ganking other lanes with your mage or hyper so that the team can get kills in MLBB. In one game, four turtles spawn time after time, so you must be there to help your team secure the turtle.

If you can get all the turtles, your team will get the advantage of gold and experience. Now, while the turtle hasn’t spawned, the job of a tank is to provide vision.

As you know, information helps to get success in any fight. You, as a tank, can stay in a bush and provide the vision to safeguard the area during the mobile legends match. Most tanks should wait in the bush to be ready for an ambush with the team.

The more information you have about the enemy’s location, the easier for your team to win the game. So, it is one of the most important things for a tank to do throughout the game.

Staying in the bush also provides you time to think about your next move and can result in the extreme game-turning move.

3) Late Game:

The late game is when the first lord spawns in the mobile legends battle for 9 minutes. A lord is a very crucial part of the game. It helps you push the enemies’ turrent.

So whenever it spawns, you should be ready or near it. You can try to take the lord. If the enemies are trying to take it, you must certainly try to steal it from them.

In most games, securing a lord is the only way to finish the game because pushing torrents by yourself is hard by a late-game in MLBB.
In the entire game, you must provide vision from time to time.

Mostly ganking with your mage or hyper is crucial too- Securing lords and turtles, Taking the damage for your team, Creating plays/ Initiating the fight. These are the main things the tank must do in a game.
Remember, tanks with good rotation and good map sense makes the mobile legends(MLBB) battle a lot easier for the whole team, even if your teammates are bad.