How to increase KDA in Mobile legends(MLBB) quickly?

How to increase KDA in Mobile legends(MLBB) quickly?

Every Mobile Legends(MLBB) players want to increase KDA faster. KDA refers to Kill, Death, and Assist, and it is a part of your statistics in the game that reflects how good you are in MLBB.

So how do KDA works? Mobile Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game where you need to co-operate and work together with your teammates to strive for victory.

Now you might be thinking I can pick any hero I want and push towers only and end the game. But, my reply is, luck doesn’t favor every time. Team co-operation is the key to victory in the mobile legends fights.

It includes making adjustments when draft-picking heroes, using voice chats or signals to inform your teammates about the enemy’s whereabouts and positions, asking for protection and helping in ganking, and many more.

What defines your KDA in ML depends on how frequently you participate in team fights and how well you get along with your teammates.

Now, let me ask you a question. Being an ML player, have you ever took concerns on how to level up your KDA? Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to make your KDA look like a Pro in MLBB!!!

Ways to increase KDA level fast in Mobile legends

1) Co-operation and partake in team fights

As I have already mentioned above, team fight and cooperative strategy in ML battle take you to the path of victory.

So the more you play like a team and make yourself available in team fights, the more your KDA will level up fast in MLBB. Remember pushing turrets is not enough.

2) Focus on kills

Focus on kills to increase KDA in mobile legends

Killing your enemies will automatically give you an upper hand in the game, but it does not mean that you can go your way out and steal kills.

For instance, feeding kills to your hyper during the early game is very crucial. Whereas you can takeaway kills as much as you want in the mid and late battle.

Also, try not to steal kills of your teammates when they are on their way to get maniac or savage. It will get you on their bad side. In conclusion, the more you get to kill and give support, the quicker your Kill, death, and assist(KDA) will increase in Mobile legends (ML).

3) Frequent deaths are to be avoided by all means

Getting slained by your enemies can put your team at a big disadvantage. If enemies are ganking up on you, try to request a backup or make a cunning escape.

In the game, offlaners pretty much Gank more comparable to that of others. If you ever face such situations, and suffer from a death streak, try to change your lane or consult with your teammates to maintain KDA in MLBB.

4) Stay assist-focused

You cannot always get the kills for yourself, depending on the roles you are playing. Suppose you are playing a tank, and you take the kills from your hyper. That would lead to the downfall of your early game. Rotation is necessary to gain assists.

Even when you are playing offline, you should keep notice of the minimap and gather accordingly if your team is going to gank. This way, you can get assists and ultimately expand your KDA stats.

5) Strive towards victory

After you have followed and applied all the above tips, now you have one task to do together- sharing a common goal. In other words, strive towards victory together.

Never give up and never surrender shall be your shared motivation amongst the teammates. Either you win, or you learn. Never go down without putting up a fight in ML.


So, now, with the help of mentioned tips and tricks, I am hoping that you can make a drastic change in your KDA stats in the mobile legends(MLBB). If you abide by these suggestions, you can surely make your way to the top and become a professional in no time.