Arena Breakout Control Layouts | 2-Finger, 3-Finger & 4-Finger

Arena Breakout Control Layouts | 2-Finger, 3-Finger & 4-Finger

Not only in Arena Breakout but in any other shooting game, the claw setting customization plays a significant role in the gameplay of individuals. The control layout is important for smooth and effective gameplay. The game offers different options for players to customize their controls based on their preferences and playstyle. The settings typically include buttons for movement, aiming, shooting, reloading, jumping, and crouching. If you are a pro player, four finger layout is best as it allows better versatility and precision during intense battles; however, a two-finger is good for you if you are a beginner player. This article will guide you with the best control layouts(2-finger, 3-finger and 4-finger Claw settings) in Arena Breakout. So let us continue:

2 Finger Layout

Using a two-finger HUD in shooter games on a phone or tablet can be challenging, especially for experienced players. The limited screen space makes it hard to manage all the necessary buttons during intense gameplay. Games like Arena Breakout, with numerous essential Buttons, can lead to overworking your thumbs and hindering performance.

While it might be suitable for beginners who prefer a simple setup, more experienced players would likely benefit from other layouts. Ultimately, finding the right layout configuration depends on personal comfort and skill level, so experimenting with different setups is essential to find what works best for you. So, here is the best Arena Breakout 2-finger claw layout:

3 Finger Layout

The major advantage of this setup is that it dedicates one finger solely to aiming and shooting, which enhances your gameplay significantly.

Unlike a two-finger setting where your right thumb handles both aiming and shooting, in a three-finger layout, you can use one thumb for movement, one for aiming and your pointer finger for aiming down sights and shooting.

This setup is particularly advantageous in tactical shooters, as it can strengthen your control and accuracy. You can customize the layout to your preference, such as placing the shoot button on the top left or right screen corner. Some players even incorporate the claw formation, utilizing extra fingers on the screen for added control. So, here is the best Arena Breakout 3-finger claw layout:

4 Finger Layout

For more advanced phone players, it is recommended to use four-finger control layouts in Arena Breakout. This setup allows you to have two thumbs and two fingers on the screen simultaneously, providing greater versatility and precision. It’s perfect for shooter games like arena breakout, where you need multiple functions at your disposal. You can set up your layout to have weapon-oriented buttons like reload, shoot, and aim in one corner, while movement-related buttons like jumping, crouching, and sneaking are in the other.

This grouping helps you classify which finger does what, making it easier to manage during intense battles. While it may take some practice to adapt to using four fingers, this advanced layout can significantly enhance your gameplay and overall performance. So, here is the best Arena Breakout 4-finger claw layout:

Arena breakdown 4 finger claw setting