Arena Breakout Weapon Tier list | All Weapons

Arena Breakout Weapon Tier list | All Weapons

Arena Breakout is a survival shooter mobile game. It is a first-person shooter mobile game developed by Level Infinite. In this game, players gear up and enter a lawless arena to fight for survival. This game is a visually stunning game with good audio and graphics. Moreover, this game offers a wide variety of weapons/guns and attachments, and suitable weapon choice is crucial to win the game. In this article, you will find the weapon/gun tier list in Arena Breakout, ranking them on Tier S, A, B and C from each category.

All Weapons/Guns in Arena Breakout

Assault Rifles

ARs are powerful firearms best for long-range and short-range, including middle-range battles. These weapons are often widely picked in the game due to their range, DMG dealing ability and Good firing rate. So, here is the list of all Assault Rifles in Arena Breakout:

  1. F2000, 
  2. HH416, 
  3. AR-57
  4. MDR, 
  5. AK-102, 
  6. FAL,
  7.  M416
  8. Ak-74N,
  9.  AKM
  10. AKS-74U

A submachine gun is a smaller and lighter type of gun. It is light and smaller compared to a regular rifle. Submachine guns usually shoot smaller bullets like pistols and can fire very quickly. So, here is the list of all SMGs in Arena Breakout:

  1. Vector 9, 
  2. MP5, 
  3. MPX, 
  4. P90
  5.  Uzi, 
  6. Mac-10, 
  7. Vector 45
  8. Ump 45, 
  9. MP 40, 
  10.  M3A1, 
  11. MPF45, 
  12. QC61, 
  13. T79, 
  14. T85


Snipers are best for long-range. These types of guns have slower firing rates with massive damage output. If you prefer to avoid close-range fights and pick your targets carefully, you can go with these arsenals. So, here is the list of all Snipers in Arena Breakout:

  1. Mosin
  2. AX50, 
  3. AR-30 
  4. SJ16

This type of gun has the shortest range but has intense damage output. You can consider using these guns for very close range, like while camping behind something. So, here is the list of all Shotguns in Arena Breakout:

  1. M870
  2. S12K, 
  3. MP-133
  4. USAS-12, 
  5. SPR310

These guns serve as secondary weapons, providing a backup for players when the primary weapon is unavailable or reloading. Pistols may not be as powerful as bigger guns, but they are good at being quick, accurate, and shooting at many targets fast. So, here is the list of all Pistols in Arena Breakout:

  1. M9A3, 
  2. G17
  3. MP9,
  4. G18C,
  5. Desert Eagle
  6. T54, 
  7. T05,
  8.  M1911, 
  9. M45A1
  10. F57, 
  11. CZ 52

Arena Breakout Weapon Tier List

S-Tier WeaponsA-Tier WeaponsB-Tier WeaponsC-Tier Weapons
F2000, HH416, AR-57, Vector 9, MP5, MPX, P90, Mosin, M870, M9A3, G17MDR, AK-102, FAL, M416, Uzi, Mac-10, Vector 45, AX50, AR-30, S12K, MP-133, MP9, G18C, Desert EagleAk-74N, AKM, Ump 45, MP 40, SJ16, USAS-12, SPR310, T54, T05, M1911, M45A1AKS-74U, M3A1, MPF45, QC61, T79, T85, F57, CZ 52