How to Get Camp Medal in Undawn?

How to Get a Camp Medal in Undawn?

This article will guide you with the Undawn Camp Medal, what it is, its uses and ways to get it. So, let us continue.

In Undawn, camp is like a clan or groups of players who team up to create a base and play together. Unlike regular teams, Camps have a Special process for creating, joining, and leaving. When you Join a camp, you have a reliable group of friends to play with and support you. Being an active participant in activities also lets you earn exclusive rewards. 

How to Join Camp?

To join a camp in Undawn, complete the tutorial and reach level 10 first. Once you’ve achieved this, you can join it by tapping on the diamond-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen and selecting “Camp.” From there, you have three options:- You can quickly join a random camp by pressing “Quick Apply,” browse through the list of available Camps or use the search bar to find a specific one if you know its name. If there is no joint approval, you can directly become a member of the particular camp.

What is a camp medal?

A camp medal is a Special item in Undawn that players can earn by contributing to their camp’s development. Camp medals can be used to purchase a variety of items from the camp shop, including weapons, armour, and consumables. They can also be used to upgrade your camp’s facilities in the game.

More Uses

  1. You can purchase items from the shop: The camp shop sells many items like weapons, armour, and consumables. You can use camp medals to buy them.
  2. You can upgrade your facilities: It can be used to upgrade your camp’s facilities, such as the training camp, the dock, and the dining hall. It will make your guild more powerful and efficient.
  3. You can support: Having a camp medal shows that you are committed to your camp. It shows you are a good and trustable person in the clan. It can make you a more valuable member of your team.

Best Ways to Get Undawn Champ Medal

Contribute to your camp’s development: 

It means completing camp missions, donating resources, and participating in camp events. As you contribute, you will earn camp points, which will eventually lead to you getting camp medals.

Purchase from the camp shop:

The camp shop sells camp medals for a certain number of camp points and if you have enough points, you can purchase them from the shop.

Additional Tips
  1. Join an Active One:- The more active your camp is, the more opportunities you will have to contribute and earn camp points.
  2. Complete camp missions; Camp missions are a great way to obtain camp medals quickly in Undawn.
  3. Donate resources; Donating resources to your camp is also a way to show your support and earn some medals.
  4. Participate in camp events.