Arena Breakout Farmland Map Explained

Arena Breakout Farmland Map Explained

As we already know, Arena Breakout is a survival shooter game where one has to fight with others for survival. In this game, players must clash against each other to stay alive. They must explore the game world, searching for loot and resources. When the game starts, players drop into different areas randomly within an open space called a map. Arena Breakout currently offers four unique interactive maps, and players can play on any map among them, but here we will talk about only Farmland.


It is the Smallest map in the Arena Breakout with few key locations, so it would be easy to master it. Also, this map is good for new players as they can easily get used to different locations on the map.

Map Layout

The map is divided by a broken bridge into two zones [east and west zone]. You will see a road in the centre running from east to west. The Key locations on the west side of the Farmland are; Artificial Lake, produce a trading post, Cliff Road, Southwest farm, Stables, and Motel, while the Main spots in the east zone are; north wheatfield, south wheatfield, loading area, villa, storage.

This map has a total of 12 spawning sites, 6 on the west side and 6 on the east. As you can see on the map, the spawning sites to the west zone are very close, so you should be careful if you spawn in the west. Here, the red cross shows the spawn locations in Farmland:

Arena Breakout Farmland Map

Farmland Key locations

Motel and Stables, located in the centre of the map next to the broken bridge on the west zone, are High Loot Areas in Farmland. Although these locations are full of loot and resources, they are hot drops full of danger.

Motel has 5 entrances whereas stables have 2 entrances where every entrance will be guarded by the bots. Significantly, you collect some resources before going there. Another Major location is the extraction point; you can only collect the recourses you have collected in-game if you only extract them. There are 2 extraction points for each zone, located at two ends of the map and 4 conditional extraction points. The conditional extraction points have specific rules that you have to follow to extract from there. Here the red circles are the standard extraction points, and the green circles are the conditional extraction point: 

There you can also see a blue dot near the loading area, which is the helicopter crash area where you will find more loot.

Some Tips

  1. If you want good loot in the Farmland map in Arena Breakout, head towards motels or stables, but to avoid conflict, loot smaller houses.
  2. Always search jacket and drawer while searching for loot; you may find diamonds and other valuable stuff.
  3. You should use AR and SMGs rather than snipers, as this map is not so good for snipers.
  4. If you want to play aggressively, go to produce trading post if you spawn on the west zone and Loading Area for the east.
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