How to upgrade Homestead in Undawn | All Possible Ways

How to upgrade Homestead in Undawn | All Possible Ways

This article will guide you with all the possible ways to upgrade your Homestead level in Undawn. So, let us continue.

Homestead refers to a player’s base or shelter, and it serves as a central hub where players can establish a safe and fortified location in the post-apocalyptic world. The base protects against various threats, including zombies and other hostile players in the game. Additionally, it offers a range of production facilities that enable players to craft weapons, tools, and other essential items for survival.

It not only provides a protective haven but it also houses invaluable production facilities. However, it’s important to note that your Homestead impose a limit on your maximum EXP level. To level up your character, it becomes necessary to enhance your Homestead, and we strongly advise making it a priority whenever feasible. To initiate the level up process for your Homestead, you must interact with the Estate Management signpost at the front of your shelter gate. Here are the tips:

1. Increase Homestead Rating: 

Improving the overall rating of your Homestead involves upgrading various structures, facilities, and defences. It can include reinforcing walls, upgrading gates, and enhancing other defensive measures. Additionally, upgrading production facilities, such as workshops or gardens, can help increase your Homestead rating in Undawn.

2. Character Level:

 As your character progresses and reaches higher levels, you unlock more advanced Homestead upgrades. These upgrades may require a minimum character level to ensure you have the necessary skills and abilities to handle the increased challenges and responsibilities associated with the upgraded Homestead.

3. Gather Resources: 

Leveling up your Homestead often requires collecting specific resources such as wood, metal, stone, or other materials. You can obtain these resources through various means, such as scavenging, crafting, trading, or completing specific tasks. So, managing your resource collection and allocation efficiently, is crucial.

4. Complete Quests and Missions: 

Engaging in quests and missions in Undawn can provide Homestead upgrade items or unlock new relevant options. These quests and missions may involve exploring dangerous areas, rescuing survivors, gathering rare items, or dealing with specific threats. So, keep an eye out for quests and missions that directly contribute to further improvement.

5. Improve Facilities:

Enhancing individual facilities within your Homestead is vital for increasing their effectiveness and unlocking new features. It can include upgrading workshops to improve crafting efficiency, expanding storage rooms to accommodate more resources, or upgrading living quarters to provide better comfort and benefits for your character and survivors.

6. Strengthen Defenses: 

Upgrading defensive structures is crucial for fortifying your base against threats. Reinforcing walls and gates, upgrading turrets or traps, and improving the overall defence system can help fend off attacks from zombies or hostile players. Investing in defensive advancement ensures the safety and security of your Homestead.

7. Research Technologies: 

Researching and investing in technological advancements can provide various benefits to your base. It can involve unlocking advanced production techniques, improving resource-gathering efficiency, or accessing new defensive mechanisms. Technological upgrades can significantly enhance the overall functionality and capability of your Homestead.

8. Unlock New Structures: 

Discovering and unlocking new structures allows you to expand your shelter and gain access to more production and utility options. These new structures might include specialized workshops, medical facilities, gardens, or recreational areas. Each new structure provides unique benefits and contributes to the overall increasement of your Homestead level in Undawn.

9. Decorate and Beautify: 

Investing in decorative items and furnishings not only enhances the visual appeal of your Homestead but can also unlock aesthetic bonuses. These bonuses might include improved morale for survivors, increased productivity in certain areas, or attracting new NPCs to join your community. Taking the time to decorate and beautify your base has both practical and aesthetic benefits.

10. Complete Homestead-specific Objectives: 

Accomplishing specific objectives tied to your Homestead in Undawn is essential to upgrade it faster, and these objectives may include defending against waves of zombies, surviving for a certain period without outside assistance, or completing challenges that test your resource management skills.