Recipes in Undawn You Must Cook

Recipes in Undawn You Must Cook

Undawn is an online multiplayer action game developed by Tencent Games where players find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world flooded by zombies. As part of the gameplay, Undawn players must hunt for resources to survive, including food and recipes, which plays a crucial role in maintaining their characters’ health and stamina. Players can cook various recipes to create food items for specific benefits and buffs. 

Where to Get Food Ingredients in Undawn?

These foods typically require a combination of ingredients you can gather from the game world, such as meat from hunted animals, vegetables from farms or gardens, and other locations. In addition, you can also get recipes as rewards for completing quests in the game. These ingredients are available on the map and also in the shop. Generally, it requires 4 ingredients to cook any food. 

Undawn Best Cooking Recipes

1. Mushroom and fruit stir – Fry

You can create the best healing dish, Mushroom and Fruit Stir-Fry, by combining ingredients, mushrooms, fruits, fish, and aloe vera in Undawn. When your character consumes this food, it has a reviving effect, gradually restoring their health at a rate of +21 HP per second. This dish can be a valuable resource for refilling and maintaining your character’s health during gameplay.

2. Pumpkin and Mushroom

In the game, you can prepare a delicious food called “Pumpkin and Mushroom Delight” using pumpkin and mushroom. When you eat this dish, it provides several positive effects on your character: 

Firstly, it increases your Gathering Speed by 15%, allowing you to gather resources more efficiently. Secondly, it restores your HP 22 points per second, helping you recover from damage or injuries. Thirdly, it reduces your hunger by 4 points, ensuring you stay satiated and energized. Lastly, it improves your overall health by 10.5 points, making you more resilient and able to withstand challenges in the game.

3. Fruit and meat roll

In Undawn, the Damage-Boosting Food enhances your combat abilities, increasing your damage output after consumption, and Fruit and Meat roll is one of them. You can prepare this recipe with simple ingredients: fruits and meat. Upon eating this dish, your damage will be noticeably increased by 22 points, making it a valuable choice for battles and encounters in the game.

4. Egg and fruit pudding

You can find the recipe for Egg and fruit pudding in the Cooking Pot category of the crafting menu. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients: 1 egg, 1 fruit, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1/4 cup of sugar. The cooking process takes 5 minutes. Once prepared and consumed, the “Fruit and Meat Roll” provides a 5.4% damage boost against zombies. It is classified as a Tier 1 food item, making it a valuable choice for players seeking to enhance their combat capabilities against the undead.

5. Vegetable stew

You can cook one of the best nourishing recipes, Vegetable Stew in Undawn, using meat, celtuce, Chinese cabbage, and wild vegetables as the main ingredients. When you consume this stew, it provides several beneficial effects on your character:

Firstly, it restores your HP at a rate of 23.0 points per second, helping you recover health during battles or after taking damage. Secondly, it alleviates hunger by restoring 9.0 hunger points per second, ensuring that your character stays well-fed and energized. Thirdly, it promotes healing by restoring 0.8 Health per second, aiding in the recovery of any injuries or health depletion. Lastly, the effects of the Vegetable Stew last for 3 seconds, giving you a short but potent boost to your overall well-being in the game.

There are also many more other foods in the games like:

Other Useful Undawn Recipe ListUse
Mushroom egg roll increases crit hit
Mushroom kebab dmg resistance
Meat and Aloe vera increases dmg
Iced Aloe vera juice Damage reduction
Pumpkin toast Increases max Hp
Pumpkin pie Regen
Pasta Armor
Braised pumpkin and pork Hp regen
Egg salad Reduced dmg from zombies
Raspberry waffle increases max Hp
Fruit salad Hp recovery
Fruit platter increases crit hit