How to become a better editor in Fortnite?

How to become a better editor in Fortnite?

As you know, Fortnite has three major mechanics for its BR (Battle Royale) game; Aiming, Building, and Editing. To edit a Specific Build, you must learn how to build in the game, which you know very well. So, in this article, I will tell you some best ways to become a Pro editor in Fortnite so that you can edit faster than anyone.

Editing is modifying a built piece or a blueprint that everyone is given from the start, whether you want to make a corner edit to shoot your enemies or Build a door for your Small house.

Suppose you are editing a wall in Fortnite- For this, you need to learn first how to build it, and secondly, while on the editing, you need to know how to aim for it. It means you need to have at least basic knowledge of the other mechanics to edit better in Fortnite.

Best Tips to become a Fastest Editor in Fortnite

1. Show Consistency

To be good at anything, you must be consistent. In Fortnite, to edit like ryft or raider(These two are the fastest editors in the game right now), they didn’t just start editing fast.

They were slow in the first, like everybody. But as they became more consistent, they developed the fastest edit skills.

Therefore, considering all these things, first, try to edit slowly but consistently, and in some weeks, your editing skill and speed in Fortnite will surely increase.

Enabling the Confirm edit on release

Enabling the Confirm edit on release

When this option came around, there was a controversy about whether this adds extra input delay or not. Some Fortnite pros used Confirm edit on release, and some ignored it.

However, the truth is this makes your Edit way faster as you will have to press one less button. Therefore, turn on Confirm edit on release Option from the setting to make the editing task easier in Fortnite.

Changing binds

Fortnite has provided tools to edit our button binds to make it easy to play the game. The default binds are literally terrible!

So, I suggest you change all your binds for editing or anything at all for your comfort. Just remember keys have to be optimal for the best results.

For example, your wall could be your first mouse button or ‘q’ for controller players. I suggest you change your bind to your left stick because it is the best way to improve your editing technique in Fortnite.


I know you will not do this, but it is the most necessary thing you should consider to learn quick editing skills!

Without practice, nothing is achievable, so here are a few practice maps with code for you to grind and be the next best Fortnite editor:

  • Orange guy’s warmup map, Code:- 9672-0800-1824
Fortnite Orange guy’s warmup map
  • Raider’s piece control practice map, Code:-6818-9700-6633
Raider’s piece control practice map in Fortnite
  • Teadoh’s chapter 3 warmup map, Code:-7264-2987-8032
Teadoh’s warmup map in Fortnite