Best Junglers in Wild Rift- Top 5 Champions

Best Junglers in Wild Rift- Top 5 Champions

Role of junglers in LoL: WildRift and their importance

Junglers has to be one of the least preferred roles in the LOL Wild Rift. How boring it seems and how stressful it can be, any small mistakes can lead to your whole team blaming and flaming you even though most of the time, it is their fault.

The role of Wild Rift Jungler is to help your teammates by Ganking their lane and killing the enemy laners giving your teammates a lead and at the same time clearing your jungle camps. The jungler is also responsible for getting Important objectives such as rift heralds, dragons, and towers.

I highly suggest you start maining the jungle role because it is one of the easiest ways to climb rank in Wild Rift. So, In this article, I have listed out the best champions in LOL Wild Rift for the Jungle.

Top 5 Best LoL: Wild Rift Junglers

1. Lee sin

Lee sin: He is one of the best Jungler Champion in Wild Rift

Lee sin is the most dominant and easy play junglers due to his simple yet powerful early game. He is a good jungler in Wild Rift because the game is short and fast-paced, and Lee sin is the strongest in the early game.

You can get every objective on the map with your early game presence damage. Just be sure to try and close the game as soon as possible as Lee sin becomes weak later.

2. Olaf

Olaf Champion

Due to his Kit, Olaf is another reliable and dominant champion for better jungling in the LoL Wild Rift. He has a short cooldown and does massive damage on his third ability, which is critical when securing objectives.

Good luck playing against a fed Olaf because he can just auto you to death with his passive of gaining more attack speed and lifesteal the lower he is in health. And No CC can stun him due to his ultimate making him immune to every crowd control and stun.

3. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV Champion

Jarvan IV is a semi-tank champion in the Wildrift Jungle that can soak loads of damage from the enemy team while dishing out a decent amount of damage himself.

He is Mostly reliant on his team because of his lack of damage. However, not to worry- he can use his third ability to increase the attack speed of all nearby allies.

His ultimate move makes sure that all enemies inside his walls are trapped and stay trapped. So, it is easier for your team to follow up.

4. Rengar

Rengar: LOL Wild Rift Champion. Pick this hero for Jungling in Wild Rift

Rengar is an assassin fighter that is every ADC’s worst nightmare. But unlike everyone here on this Junglers list, Rengar takes some time to learn because of his bush mechanics.

However, once you learn and master this Champion in Wild Rift, then it will be worth the time as he is one of the best junglers in the right hands. He can take objectives relatively Easily.

If his team is losing, he can push side lanes as he takes objectives insanely fast with his empowered first ability that melts towers. Therefore, I highly suggest you give rengar a try while you go for Jungle in Wild Rift.

5. Kha zix

Wild Rift Champion Kha zix is best Known for the Junglers role in the game

Like a Rengar, Kha zix is an assassin fighter that thrives in the mid to late stages of the game. This Wild Rift Champion has insane clear speed due to his passive, and he deals more damage to jungle camps that are alone and reduces his cooldowns.

Kha Zix can also adapt items and playstyle according to the enemy team, which very few champions can do in Wild Rift due to his ultimate abilities.