How To Be a Pro Builder in Fortnite? 10 Best tips

How To Become a Pro Builder in Fortnite? 10 Best tips

The building is the best thing that makes Fortnite different from any other Battle Royale game. It is one of the reasons why Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time. But as the building is a new mechanism, most people cannot seem to build like their favorite influencer. By the end of this article, you will know how to improve your building skills to become a pro builder in Fortnite. So, let us continue.

10 best Tips to be a Pro Builder in Fortnite

1. Panicking

When players start practicing to be a better builders in Fortnite, they build random builds. They don’t build Efficiently and make bad habits like building more than they need, which will make them lose precious materials inside a real game. So, before you start practicing, you should slow down and only build if necessary. For example, Building Extra, while building to high ground.

2. Setting Realistic Goals

When I started the grind to improve my building in Fortnite, it was Chapter 1 Season 5, and I was playing on mobile. I got motivated to start the building task. I saw professional Fortnite PC players build in blistering speed. When I tried to imitate them, I could not do it no matter how hard I tried, and I gave up.

So, when you practice building, you should gradually move up but not suddenly make goals to build as the pro players.

3. Practicing Daily

Practice makes perfect, and this saying applies to Fortnite. If you want to build 10X times faster in Fortnite, you should practice daily as that is the only way to be pro. Even if you take the tips from all the pros and never practice, your building skill will not improve. So remember to practice daily and make it a habit as this habit might be the difference between good from great players.

4. Practicing Efficiently

Practice more to be a god builder in Fortnite

Practice does indeed make you a perfect Fortnite builder, but only if you practice efficiently. Most players, when they practice, they ignore something new. They do the same old building technique which they have already mastered.

You should practice the techniques you know or have mastered for a while and should try to learn at least one new building technique every day. So, This will help you in-game when you need to get the edge with a new building technique. Some maps in Fortnite are Specially made to improve your building techniques, so you can also practice on those maps.

5. Finding the Best Settings for You

Best setting makes the player pro builder in Fortnite

Most people can become better builders than they already are, but the thing that holds them back is their settings. Most new players use what is known as non-optimal settings. They hold you back in your gaming performance.

If you are on the controller, you can change the build sensitivity, and in case you are still using combat pro, you should immediately switch to builder pro if you want to improve your building and your Fortnite gameplay.

6. Knowing your Building Materials

Here in Fortnite, there are three building materials- wood, brick, and Metal. Wood has the lowest HP, and Metal has the highest, while brick falls in the middle.

You know, Metal has the highest HP, and one would use it in combat, but you also have to check how much time metal takes for building. And in that department, wood takes the least time to be fully built. So, if you are Building during an ongoing fight, you should use wood, while if you are Building something like a base, you should use metal in Fortnite.

7. Using Methods That Require Fewer Materials

When in a real game, you should be gathering building materials- They are most important, so you should not waste them. Even you need them, use modified techniques that help do the same thing but require fewer materials to build in Fortnite.

For example, you can make a 90-degree wall commonly referred to as a 90. Instead of making a Full box or when you need to heal in Open or need to go A.F.K for a while, you can crouch and take the cover of your cone. This technique can save your material while building, and you know, the player who uses fewer resources to Build is known as a pro builder in Fortnite.

8. Side Jumps

Side jump skill can help you to be a pro builder in Fortnite

Learning this technique will help you a lot in real game situations. Side Jumps are when you have a build-in front of you in a ramp, and you jump out to the side and quickly place a floor. It will allow you to keep on building and potentially even surprise your enemy. They are very Easy to learn and master effective in-game as well. So that is why I recommend you to know the technique of side jumps.

9. Editing your builds

Undoubtedly, learning the editing technique is one of the best ways to be a pro builder in Fortnite- This skill can make you a god builder faster than you expect. If you don’t know how to edit, you cannot become a better builder. Editing is Most Essential while building, so I recommend you practice your editing while practicing building in Fortnite. They help you give an edge on your enemy and maybe even outplay them.

10. Learning Re-Takes.

Retakes are the techniques you use when you need to retake the high ground for your enemy. It helps you avoid taking damage tremendously as if you would do your Normal builds. While you take the high ground, your enemy will fire shots at you lowering your health and destroying your builds. That is where Re-Takes come in.

There are millions of Re-Takes, all good at something, and they will help you retake high ground without getting shot at and your structure not falling.


In conclusion, These are the best ways to improve your building technique in Fortnite. And like I always say, it is not something that will happen overnight. You will have to work hard for it, and the results will start showing eventually. Well, I hope you become a better builder, and I hope I have helped you even in the slightest manner on your Fortnite journey.