Best Guns To Use In Fortnite Chapter 3

Best Guns To Use In Fortnite Chapter 3

With the addition of the new chapter in Fortnite, Epic Games, the developers completely changed the loot pool of the game.
So, let us see the general way to use guns, the rarity system, and the best close-range and long-range guns here inside of Fortnite.

The general way of using weapons in Fortnite

i) Pistols- Mostly single firing guns for both close and medium-range
ii) Shot Guns- Single firing but powerful guns for only close range
iii) Assault Rifles- Automatic firing guns mostly useful in medium to long-range
iv) SMG- Fast firing guns used in close range
v) Snipers- Single firing guns with scopes for long-range
vi) Throwables- Grenades that detonate after a few seconds for throwing them.

Ranking Gun Rarity in Fortnite

The rarity of guns in Fortnite can be confusing sometimes, especially for new players.
So, the ranking here is from the worst gun Rarity to the best in Fortnite.

(i) Grey:- Least Powerful, Very Common
(ii) Green:- More Powerful than Grey but Still Not Powerful, Common
(iii) Blue:- Powerful, Not Very Common
(iv) Purple:- Way More Powerful than Blue, Rare (Also known as Epic)
(v) Orange:- Extremely Powerful, Very Rare (Also known as Legendary)
(vi) Light Blue:- Modified Variant of Guns Found in Only Some Areas of The Game, Extremely Rare (Also known as Exotics)
(vii) Golden:- Most Powerful, Most Rare (Also known as Mythics)

Best guns you should use in Fortnite chapter 3

Firstly, let us talk about the guns to see what gun falls in which category:

1. Striker Pump Shotgun

Fortnite Gun: Striker Pump Shotgun

It falls in the Shotgun category, and it is best for close-range battles.
This gun is like the pump shotgun from the previous season but is a worse version. It is the closest you can get to the Pump Shot Guns from the Previous Fortnite season. Striker Pumpcan store 5 bullets at a time. It is too slow while you are shooting.

2. Auto Shotgun

. Auto Shotgun

It falls in the Shotgun category, and it is best in close range. It is like the Tactical Shot Gun from previous shotguns. In my experience, this is because it can store 8 bullets instead of 5, so it is better even if you miss shots.

3. Sidearm Pistol

Sidearm Pistol

It falls in the Pistol Category, and it is best for the close and medium range. Sidearm Pistol has very fast reloaded times compared to other guns. This weapon can quickly be used as a second weapon instead of reloading, and it also deals good damage.

4. Stinger SMG

Stinger SMG

It falls in the SMG category, and it is best for Fortnite close-range fights. Stinger is very fast when you fire, so if you can maintain recoil and hit the enemy, you can deal massive damage with a shot. It is the best weapon you would use if you use a controller.

5. Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper in Fortnite

This weapon is a sniper, and it is best for long-range battles in Fortnite. It is the only sniper in the game this season, so you’ve got no other choice than to stick to the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper. The gun is very good with its scope liked by players. It also deals good damage to opponents.

6. MK-7 Assault Rifle

MK-7 Assault Rifle in Fortnite

The MK-7 is an Assault Rifle that is best for medium to long-range. It might even be better than a previous very loved scar assault rifle. It is very accurate while damaging a lot of damage. So, no wonder this is the most loved gun of most players.

7. Ranger Assault Rifle

Ranger Assault Rifle: Fortnite Gun

It is another Assault Rifle that is best in medium to long-range encounters. It has more bloom than other weapons in Fortnite, but if you have the MK-47, you should not use this gun as it is less accurate and deals less damage.

Coming to the point- But in case you can’t decide which one to use in this 3rd chapter of Fortnite, here is the list of best guns in their respective category:

(i) AR: MK-47 Assault is my favorite AR this season because not only is it super accurate it also deals a lot of damage to both builds and enemies
(ii) Shotgun: Auto Shotgun
(iii) SMG: Stinger SMG
(iv) Sniper: Hunt Bolt-Action Sniper

There, you know where all the weapons are needed and where they are effective- you can choose the best guns to assist you to your sweet Victory Royale.

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