Most expensive skins in Dota 2- Top 10

Most expensive skins in Dota 2- Top 10

Skin can change the overall appearance of heroes by adding a glow and different styles. We will list out the most expensive Dota 2 skins that can make your hero grand-looking.

Skins are an item that adds beauty to the heroes. There are so many hero skins that you can purchase from the shop, depending on the budget. The best thing about Dota 2 is you can trade them.

Since the skin price fluctuates frequently, you can purchase them now at a low cost and sell them in the future at a high cost, and this is how you can also make some money by trading the skins in Dota 2.

Top 10 most expensive skins in Dota 2

1. Juggernaut (Provocation of ruin)

Juggernaut's Provocation of ruin skin in Dota 2

In Dota 2, Every player who plays juggernaut as their signature hero purchase this skin. The Provocation of ruin skin falls under the immortal category, though this skin is expensive compared with other skins of the juggernaut. The hero gets an additional shine to its second and ultimate ability using this skin.

2. Enigma (Twisted Maelstrom)

Most expensive skins in Dota 2: Enigma's Twisted Maelstrom

Twisted Maelstrom is one of the most popular skins set in the Dota-2 that falls under the mythical category. You can also say as Twisted Maelstrom is the rare skin in Dota-2.

This skin gives a Magnificant appearance to the Enigma character and glows while using the ability.

3. Earthshaker (Tectinic Implication)

Earthshaker's Tectinic Implication skin

It is another costly but Coolest skin in Dota 2 that you can purchase for the Earthshaker hero. This skin is much attractive that you can show off in the match.

It lacks additional features while using the ability of heroes, but this skin gives the best shape to the hero.

4. Enchantress (Harborblossom of the crimson witness)

Enchantress's Harborblossom of the crimson witness skin

It is one of the beautiful skin, which is also worth purchasing if you play enchantress as your signature hero. So, the best thing about the skin is its flower at the shoulder that looks much more attractive.

5. Pudge (Feast of Abscession)

Pudge's Feast of Abscession skin

It is another high-cost skin that changes the overall character of the hero, giving them the extra feature while using the ability. The best thing about this skin is the shining set attached to his back, though it is rare in Dota 2.

6. Spectre (Transversant Soul)

Spectre's Transversant Soul skin

Another the most costly but one of the best animation skin set of all time is the Transversant soul skin of Spectre.

The main eye-catching thing about the skin is the purple burning part at the middle of the hero. The 3D effects and animation is the best thing that makes the skin iconic and attractive.

7. Tiny (Frost-moot)

Most expensive skins in Dota 2: Tiny's Frost-moot

Tiny frost moot is one of the most awesome skins that suits best on Tiny. The eye-catching part of this skin set is the hero turning into a snowy color, and her eye and hands glow blue.

8. Shadow Friend (Demon eater)

Shadow Friend's Demon eater skin

It is another costly and rarest mythical skin in Dota 2, and you can look at its dreadful appearance. It changes the hero character into the burning flame, making it one of the best glow-up character skin set of all time.

9. Zeus (Bearing of the King restored)

Zeus's Bearing of the King restored skin

Zeus Bearing of the king restored is one of the most expensive epic skins set in Dota-2 so far. The best thing I like about this skin is the ring on his head that resembles him god from heaven.

However, overall this skin set doesn’t change the character but adds some features to make the hero best looking.

10. Wraith King (Vile reliquary)

Most expensive skins in Dota 2- Wraith King's Vile reliquary

This expensive but Amazing skin set of Dota 2 falls under the mythical category. The main attraction of the skin set is that it gives the whole new character to the hero with a fatal weapon he holds and a perfect devil horn in his head with a beautiful spooky.