Most Dangerous Flying mobs in Minecraft which are hard to kill

Most Dangerous Flying mobs in Minecraft which are hard to kill

There are about 73 mobs in Minecraft, among which about 10 can fly in the sky or levitate from the ground. Some reside in the overworld, and some in the nether. In this article, I will list out the most dangerous flying Minecraft mobs which are hard to defeat.

Top 5 Dangerous flying mobs in Minecraft

1. Wither

Minecraft Wither mob

The wither is one of the Strongest flying boss creatures in Minecraft. It floats up in the air and throws explosive skulls at players and mobs. You cannot find a wither directly- you will have to construct the wither first. In Minecraft, to make the wither, you will need to form a T with soul sand and put 3 wither skeleton heads on the top. It causes an explosion when spawning.

The wither is immune to fire, lava, drowning, and freezing. It breaks any blocks it touches except bedrock. It also has the highest health in the game.

After reaching below half health, the wither gets natural wither armor making it immune to arrow and thrown trident damage. That is why the wither is on the list of Dangerous mobs in Minecraft which can fly. Upon dying, the wither drops a nether star. 

2. Vex

Vex in Minecraft: Dangerous creatures

Vex is the small fairy-type hostile mob that is hard to find. Vexes only spawn when an evoker spawns them, and they spawn in groups of 4, 5.

They are small and fly very quickly, and they hold a sword and dive down to hit you every time they see you. Vexes are immune to falling, fire and lava, but you can kill them with bows and arrows and swords. However, they are very annoying to kill, especially since they come in numbers. If you kill these flying mobs, you will get nothing from them.

3. Phantom

Phantoms in Minecraft

Phantoms are Another Dangerous flying creature on this list- These are the hostile mobs that spawn in the night. They are blue-colored and fly like eagles in the sky. If one of the phantoms sees you, it comes for you to attack. A phantoms spawn rate depends upon how much the player hasn’t slept, and they mainly spawn during the night or thunderstorms.

These creatures don’t have a lot of health but deal decent damage if you get attacked. Phantoms are also known as one of the fastest creatures in Minecraft and can target you from far away. They cannot drown, and they are also immune to poison effects.

4. Blaze

Minecraft Blaze: Dangerous mobs

Blazes are the Powerful hostile creatures in Minecraft that spawn and fly in the nether fortress in the nether. They attack players by shooting fireballs at them, which causes them to burn. The Fireball deals a decent amount of damage to the player, and they also have a decent amount of health.

You cannot deflect the Fireball of a blaze like you can deflect a ghast, and this is why Blazes are one of the most dangerous flying mobs in Minecraft.

When killed, they drop blaze rods which you can use to make blaze powder to make eyes of ender, which is necessary for you to go to the end. You can kill blaze by using a shield and sword or just by using snowballs.

5. Ender dragon

Minecraft Dangerous mob: Ender dragon

Undoubtedly, the ender dragon is the final mob boss in Minecraft who can fly and has dangerous nature. You can find the ender dragon when you travel to the end using the end portal in the stronghold. He flies high around the sky and comes down in a certain period.

The Ender dragon is a Minecraft creature who has a lot of health and does a lot of damage, and he attacks by throwing fireballs. It is immune to all status effects. It destroys the blocks it touches in the overworld.

When you get hit by its wings, you can get thrown into the sky, and you may die of fall damage, so this is why the ender dragon is also known as one of the Toughest flying mobs in Minecraft.

To defeat him, you will have to destroy all the end crystals at the top of the obsidian towers then you need to keep hitting it with arrows. When it comes near the ground, hit it with a sword. Killing the ender dragon will give you loads of experience, and you can also take the dragon egg and get access to the end city.