Yin in Mobile legends: His best skills, build and emblem

Yin in Mobile legends: His best skills, build and emblem

Yin is the new hero that came in January 2022 on the official server of Mobile legends. He is a fighter who performs best as a jungler or an exp laner. Yin is a very mobile hero. He can travel from one place to another real fast using his skills. Unlike other heroes, he is very balanced and not overpowered when first released in MLBB.

All about Yin in Mobile legends

1. Skills of Yin in MLBB

Yin’s passive: When there are no allied heroes within 4 yards from him, he deals 120% more damage.

1st skill(Charged punch):- When Yin uses his first skill, he gains extra movement speed for 3 seconds. He also will get an enhanced basic attack. If you hit the enemy with your enhanced basic attack, Yin will throw another charged punch to the enemy.

2nd skill(Instant Blast):- Yin’s second skill is a blink skill. Yin dashes in a certain direction, leaving a golden ring behind him. The Ring will come to him in 1 second. If the enemy comes in between the golden Ring, the enemy hero will be stunned.

Ultimate(My turn):- Yin pulls an enemy into a different domain where there is only Yin himself and the targeted hero. No one can deal any damage to the two inside the domain.

While in his ultimate, Yin becomes Stronger, and his skills also get enhanced when in Ultimate form.

Furthermore, during his ultimate, his second skill can stun the enemy for a longer time than outside the ultimate.

Using his first skill during the ultimate will cause Yin to smash the ground continuously for a while towards the enemy dealing loads of damage.

If Yin kills an enemy during his ultimate, then he will gain his enhanced skills outside the domain for a while with the cooldown reset.

However, if the enemy has immortality runs out, then the ultimate will be over.

The best spell for Yin in Mobile legends is the spell flicker or retribution. Yin is a nightmare for mages and some marksmen as he can easily go inside the turrent and use his ult. This way, he doesn’t receive turrent damage. He can kill and escape effortlessly.

2. What is the best build for Yin in MLBB?

Yin is best built with half damage and half sustain items. War axe and bloodlust axe are for him to get lifesteal and durable during team fights in Mobile Legends. Bruteforce breastplate and hunter strike gives him extra movement speed.

Best build of Yin in Mobile legends

3. What is the best Emblem for Yin in MLBB?

You ought to go assassin emblem or fighter emblem for Yin hero. For an assassin, the high and dry Emblems are best as it deals more damage when in ultimate.

You can also go killing spree if you want. You want movement speed on Yin, so increase the points on agility and penetration for more damage.

Best emblems for Yin in Mobile legends

4. How to play Yin in Mobile legends?

The best way to play Yin Hero is to ambush the enemy players. Especially their main damage dealers. Remember to not use your ult on high mobility heroes or heroes you can’t kill like Wan Wan.

The combo for Yin is to use your second skill first to stun the enemy and then your first skill. You can also use your second skill first, then your ultimate to kidnap any enemy.