How to Make a BedRock breaking machine in Minecraft?

BedRock Minecraft

If you are continuously hitting the Minecraft bedrock with your diamond pickaxe for the last hours, stop and do something else, as it will not destroy that way. You have to prepare a bedrock-breaking machine to break that rock that lies deep beneath the Minecraft world.

Bedrock or Bed is where we rest, and mostly it is where our day usually ends, or you can say the bedrock in Minecraft is the final ground layer you can reach.

Another thing you know well is- Bedrocks are the Hardest and Deepest blocks, and these blocks are also known as the block impossible to break in Vanilla Minecraft. Also, you cannot break barrier blocks, but you can achieve them in creative mode.

Nether have the bedrocks on both upper and lower limits of the world, making it more challenging to travel and world limited. Therefore, if you want to explore more in the game, you must have a wide range of ideas, from crafting to breaking.

Being the Strongest block, Minecrafters managed to break the bedrock and proved to the gaming community that Minecraft is a brilliant game and we can do anything in it. So, let us do this impossible thing.

Steps to make a Minecraft Machine for breaking bedrock

Step 1

Firstly, go down to the ground where the Minecraft Bed lies, then decide which bedrock block you want to destroy.

first Step to make a Minecraft Machine for breaking bedrock

Step 2

Then Place a piston facing up on which you want to break.

Step 3

Now, place an obsidian block to the side of the piston.

Step 4

On top of the obsidian block, place a building block. (You can use any building block for this.) After that, place a TNT on the piston and the building block.

Forth Ste to make a bedrock breaking machine

Step 5

Now place a lever on the side of that building block.

Step 6

Place a trapdoor on the upper side of the obsidian on the side where you have placed a lever,

BOOM, you made the machine, so now you can use it and easily destroy the bedrock you want. But, this machine will not activate by flicking the lever, as there is a small twist. To make this thing work and break the bedrock in Minecraft, you need to follow some steps:

#Step 1

Go to the block where you placed the trapdoor and right click on the trapdoor twice, and go below the trapdoor.

How to break bedrock in Miecraft

#Step 2

Go to the edge of the trapdoor without going out so you can access the lever. Flip the lever and quickly spam click on the corner of the piston by holding the piston in your hand.

The thing will blast and result in this- The bedrock below the piston will get destroyed.